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NNSD-S SS.25-3-F8P2-A

Brand: Acme Packet
Product Code: NNSD-S SS.25-3-F8P2-A
Availability: 2
Price: $4,995.00
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Acme Packet NNSD-S SS.25-3-F8P2-A Net-Net Session Director (SD) is Acme Packet’s industry-leading session border controller (SBC) for fixed line, mobile and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. Based on Net-Net Operating Software (Net-Net OS), the Net-Net SD operates on Acme Packet’s range of purpose-built hardware platforms or general purpose servers to deliver a unique combination of performance, capacity, high-availability and manageability that has made it the most widely-deployed SBC in the world. The Net-Net SD enables service providers to deliver trusted, first-class interactive communications services across IP network borders. SIP, H.323, MGCP and H.248-based services and applications are supported ranging from basic VoIP and SIP trunking to any IMS enabled servicevoice, video conferencing and calling, presence, instant messaging, GSMA IPX, and femtocell and Wi-Fi-enabled fixed-mobile convergence. Along with Acme Packet’s Net-Net Session-aware Load Balancer, Net-Net SDs can be deployed in a cluster to support up to two million subscribers from a single SIP IP address. The Net-Net SD also supports Acme Packet’s Net-Net SIP Multimedia Xpress (SMX) configuration to deliver a complete session management solution for IMS and NGN networks NNSD-S SS.25-3-F8P2-A
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