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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: CISCO7606
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Price: $325.00
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Cisco CISCO7606 6-slot 7600 series chassis, 2 PSU slots and 2 PEM slots.
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Tags: CISCO7606, Cisco CISCO7606, Cisco, Cisco, CISCO7606, 6-slot, 7600, series, chassis, , 2, PSU, slots, and, 2, PEM, slots. Cisco, 7606, Router The, Cisco, ®, 7606, Router, is, a, compact, , high-performance, router, designed, in, a, 6-slot, form, factor, for, deployment, at, the, network, edge, , where, robust, performance, and, IP/Multiprotocol, Label, Switching, (MPLS), services, are, necessary, to, meet, the, requirements, of, both, enterprises, and, service, providers., It, enables, Carrier, Ethernet, service, providers, to, deploy, an, advanced, network, infrastructure, that, supports, a, range, of, IP, video, and, triple-play, (voice, , video, , and, data), system, applications, in, both, the, residential, and, business, services, markets., The, Cisco, 7606, also, delivers, WAN, and, metropolitan-area, network, (MAN), networking, solutions, at, the, enterprise, edge. With, a, powerful, combination, of, speed, and, services, in, a, compact, form, factor, , the, Cisco, 7606, is, an, outstanding, choice, for, multiple, applications., Whether, deployed, as, a, high-speed, WAN, aggregator, , as, a, device, for, peering, , as, a, residential, broadband, services, aggregator, , or, as, a, device, for, Metro, Ethernet, aggregation, and, uplink, , the, Cisco, 7606, meets, requirements, for, redundancy, , high, availability, , and, rack, density., In, the, point-of-presence, (POP), enterprise, edge, or, the, metropolitan, network, edge, , the, Cisco, 7606, sets, new, standards, as, part, of, the, industry-leading, Cisco, 7600, Series, Routers With, a, forwarding, rate, of, up, to, 240-Mpps, distributed, and, 480-Gbps, total, throughput, , the, Cisco, 7606, provides, performance, and, reliability, with, options, for, redundant, route, processors, and, power, supplies., The, inclusion, of, two, Gigabit, Ethernet, ports, on, the, Cisco, Catalyst, ®, 6500, Supervisor, Engine, 720, with, the, Multilayer, Switch, Feature, Card, 3, (MSFC-3), or, the, new, Cisco, Route, Switch, Processor, 720, (RSP, 720), with, the, MSFC-4, used, in, the, Cisco, 7606, eliminates, the, need, for, a, line-card, slot, for, uplink, ports., The, result, of, this, design, is, more, efficient, use, of, available, line-card, slots, and, increased, deployment, flexibility., Four, Gigabit, Ethernet, ports, are, available, for, use, in, dual-route, processor, configurations. Shared, port, adaptors, (SPAs), on, the, SPA, interface, processors, (SIPs), are, available, on, the, Cisco, 7600, Series, with, interface, speeds, ranging, from, OC-3, to, OC-192, and, from, Fast, Ethernet, to, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet., The, Cisco, 7600, Series, can, also, use, the, Cisco, 7600, Series/Catalyst, 6500, Series, Enhanced, FlexWAN, Module, to, take, advantage, of, most, Cisco, 7200, and, 7500, Port, Adapters, for, terminating, DS-0, to, OC-3, speeds., By, using, the, Cisco, Catalyst, 6000, Series, of, Ethernet, line, cards, in, conjunction, with, the, SIP-based, SPAs, and, the, enhanced, FlexWAN, module, , the, Cisco, 7600, provides, a, multitude, of, options, to, scale, WAN, connectivity, from, DS-0, to, OC-192, and, LAN, connectivity, from, 10-Mbps, Ethernet, through, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet. The, Cisco, 7606, chassis, accommodates, a, broad, selection, of, line, cards, supporting, numerous, applications, , including- •, SPAs, and, SIPs, (Cisco, 7600, Series, SPA, Interface, Processor-200, [SIP-200], , SIP-400, , and, SIP-600)- –, Channelized, T1/E1, , Channelized, T3, , and, Channelized, OC-3/STM-1 –, OC-3/STM-1, , OC-12/STM-4, , OC-48/STM-16, Packet, over, SONET/SDH, (PoS), , and, OC-192/STM-64, PoS –, OC-3/STM-1, ATM, , OC-12/STM-4, ATM, , and, OC-48/STM-16, ATM –, Fast, Ethernet, , Gigabit, Ethernet, , and, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet •, Enhanced, FlexWAN, module, -, Supporting, Cisco, 7200, and, 7500, WAN, Port, Adapters, from, DS-0, to, OC-3, for, channelized, and, ATM, interfaces, and, also, Fast, Ethernet, port, adapters •, High-density, Ethernet, services, modules, -, 10/100, Mbps, , Gigabit, Ethernet, , and, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet •, Services, modules, -, IP, Security, (IPsec), , firewall, , distributed, denial, of, service, , intrusion, detection, systems, , network, analysis, , and, content, switching, commonly, used, , for, example, , in, the, Cisco, Mobile, Exchange, solution •, Supervisor, support, -, Cisco, Catalyst, 6500, Supervisor, Engine, 32, (WS-SUP32-GE-3B, and, WS-SUP32-10GE-3B), , Cisco, Catalyst, 6500, Supervisor, Engine, 720, (WS-SUP720-3B, and, WS-SUP720-3BXL), , and, the, new, Cisco, Route, Switch, Processor, 720, (RSP720-3C, and, RSP720-3CXL)