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MPU108E-001 MPU108E-001 MPU108E-001
Brand: Avocent
Product Code: MPU108E-001
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Price: $250.00
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Avocent MPU108E-001 MergePoint Unity 8 Port KVM Over IP Switch, Single AC Power The Avocent MergePoint Unity MPU108E-001 is a 8-port, 1 digital KVM path, with single AC power supply. The MergePoint Unity switch includes both KVM over IP and Serial Console Management technology in a single appliance. This combination provides IT administrators a complete and secure, remote management solution to access and control servers, networking equipment and other devices found in data centers and branch offices. Using both in-band and out-of-band tools together allows for a more fault-tolerant and complete, remote management solution. Remote, out-of-band connections complement traditional in-band/software tools to improve troubleshooting, shorten response times and help minimize unplanned downtime. The MergePoint Unity appliances provide remote users the capabilities of a direct, physical connection to KVM, USB and serial ports of servers and other IT equipment from anywhere. Avocent MPU108E Features: Advanced Remote Management ? Provides secure and remote, out-of-band connections directly to the physical KVM, USB and serial ports to complement existing in-band software management tools Meet Service Level Agreements and Minimize Downtime ? Unified approach enables IT administrators a faster method to diagnose, reconfigure or restore equipment Virtual Media ? Enables USB media such as CD-ROMs, flash memory and external drives to be virtually attached to a remote server's USB port CAC/Smart Card Support ? Utilizing the virtual media capabilities remote or local users can map a USB-based smart card reader to the attached servers and authenticate using their smart cards Enhanced Serial Adapters Supports standard, remote SSH connections to the attached serial devices and includes electronic pin-out options for quick and easy connections to the console ports on Cisco network equipment Power Device Port Connect supported PDUs for integrated power control, measurement and reporting
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