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76-ES+T-2TG 76-ES+T-2TG 76-ES+T-2TG 76-ES+T-2TG
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: 76-ES+T-2TG
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Cisco 76-ES+T-2TG, IPU3ARWCAC 7600 Series ES Plus Transport, LAN/WAN PHY, OTN/G.709, 2x10GE, XFP The Cisco ® 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Transport Line Cards are designed for cost-efficient Carrier Ethernet service delivery. The cards allow service prioritization for voice, video, data, and wireless mobility services and can connect to LAN, WAN, and OTN PHY interfaces. Service providers and enterprises benefit from the efficiency gains in power consumption, improved economics from higher density, and service scalability and feature capability optimized for cost-sensitive transport Ethernet solutions. The Ethernet Services (ES) Plus Transport cards utilize the ES Plus card family architecture that relies on programmable interface processors, protecting network investments and reducing total cost of ownership. The extensible design maximizes connectivity options and offers superior service intelligence through programmable interface processors operating at line rate. Designed for delivering flexible transport Ethernet services in IP/MPLS provider edge networks, as well as WAN/MAN and optical transport network (OTN) applications, the Cisco 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Transport Line Cards support port densities of 40 Gbps or 20 Gbps in 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet port varieties. The cards feature hierarchical quality of service (QoS) supporting 16 queues per physical port, locally significant VLANs, and up to 16,000 VLAN IDs per line card for rich services at scale. The cards provide the unique ability to combine both Layer 2 and Layer 3 services on the same line card. The combination of native Ethernet Layer 2 switching, bridging, Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS), Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS), and Layer 3 IP/MPLS routing distinguishes this line card among other products on the market, particularly in Carrier Ethernet applications. Additionally, the line cards have integrated G.709 Generic Forward Error Correction (available with the purchase of the 76-ES+OTN/G.709 License) to span regional distances with integration directly into OTN devices such as the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform (MSTP) or core routers such as the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System. The ability to span even greater distances between Cisco 7600 Series Routers is supported with Enhanced Forward Error Correction (EFEC) in the ES Plus Transport cards (back-to-back ES Plus Transport or ES Plus Extended Transport connections). Operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M) capabilities are supported in both OTN and WAN PHY interface controller modes, providing insight into link quality and data transmission health. The innovative architecture of these industry-leading, premium Ethernet services line cards is designed to deliver cost-effective high-touch features, combining both ASIC and network processor technology for optimal performance and flexibility. The Cisco 7600 Series ES Plus Transport Line Cards provide distributed forwarding with proven ASIC technology in the forwarding path (routing, switching, NetFlow, ACLs) and queuing and shaping functions to optimize the performance of these foundational features. Additionally, four (for the ES Plus Transport 40G line cards) or two (for the ES Plus Transport 20G line cards) programmable network processors are included in the forwarding plane to facilitate flexibility and feature growth. This ideal technology combination provides customers with the necessary flexibility for future service deployments and allows them to scale the system capacity as required. All Cisco 7600 Series Router chassis, except the Cisco 7603, which has reached end of life and end of sale. The Cisco 7603-S is fully supported. Cisco Supervisor Engine 720-3B, 720-3BXL, Route Switch Processor 720 (RSP720) 3C/3CXL, and RSP720-10GE 3C/3CXL The ES Plus line cards require dual-channel switch fabric connectivity; therefore the cards are not supported with the Supervisor Engine 32 or in slots 1 thru 8 of the Cisco 7613 chassis.
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Tags: 76-ES+T-2TG, Cisco 76-ES+T-2TG, 76ES+T2TG, Cisco, IPU3ARWCAC, Cisco, 76-ES+T-2TG, , IPU3ARWCAC, 7600, Series, ES, Plus, Transport, , LAN/WAN, PHY, , OTN/G.709, , 2x10GE, , XFP The, Cisco, ®, 7600, Series, Ethernet, Services, Plus, Transport, Line, Cards, are, designed, for, cost-efficient, Carrier, Ethernet, service, delivery., The, cards, allow, service, prioritization, for, voice, , video, , data, , and, wireless, mobility, services, and, can, connect, to, LAN, , WAN, , and, OTN, PHY, interfaces., Service, providers, and, enterprises, benefit, from, the, efficiency, gains, in, power, consumption, , improved, economics, from, higher, density, , and, service, scalability, and, feature, capability, optimized, for, cost-sensitive, transport, Ethernet, solutions. The, Ethernet, Services, (ES), Plus, Transport, cards, utilize, the, ES, Plus, card, family, architecture, that, relies, on, programmable, interface, processors, , protecting, network, investments, and, reducing, total, cost, of, ownership., The, extensible, design, maximizes, connectivity, options, and, offers, superior, service, intelligence, through, programmable, interface, processors, operating, at, line, rate. Designed, for, delivering, flexible, transport, Ethernet, services, in, IP/MPLS, provider, edge, networks, , as, well, as, WAN/MAN, and, optical, transport, network, (OTN), applications, , the, Cisco, 7600, Series, Ethernet, Services, Plus, Transport, Line, Cards, support, port, densities, of, 40, Gbps, or, 20, Gbps, in, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, and, Gigabit, Ethernet, port, varieties., The, cards, feature, hierarchical, quality, of, service, (QoS), supporting, 16, queues, per, physical, port, , locally, significant, VLANs, , and, up, to, 16, 000, VLAN, IDs, per, line, card, for, rich, services, at, scale., The, cards, provide, the, unique, ability, to, combine, both, Layer, 2, and, Layer, 3, services, on, the, same, line, card., The, combination, of, native, Ethernet, Layer, 2, switching, , bridging, , Virtual, Private, LAN, Services, (VPLS), , Ethernet, over, MPLS, (EoMPLS), , and, Layer, 3, IP/MPLS, routing, distinguishes, this, line, card, among, other, products, on, the, market, , particularly, in, Carrier, Ethernet, applications. Additionally, , the, line, cards, have, integrated, G.709, Generic, Forward, Error, Correction, (available, with, the, purchase, of, the, 76-ES+OTN/G.709, License), to, span, regional, distances, with, integration, directly, into, OTN, devices, such, as, the, Cisco, ONS, 15454, Multiservice, Transport, Platform, (MSTP), or, core, routers, such, as, the, Cisco, CRS-1, Carrier, Routing, System., The, ability, to, span, even, greater, distances, between, Cisco, 7600, Series, Routers, is, supported, with, Enhanced, Forward, Error, Correction, (EFEC), in, the, ES, Plus, Transport, cards, (back-to-back, ES, Plus, Transport, or, ES, Plus, Extended, Transport, connections)., Operations, , administration, , and, maintenance, (OA&M), capabilities, are, supported, in, both, OTN, and, WAN, PHY, interface, controller, modes, , providing, insight, into, link, quality, and, data, transmission, health. The, innovative, architecture, of, these, industry-leading, , premium, Ethernet, services, line, cards, is, designed, to, deliver, cost-effective, high-touch, features, , combining, both, ASIC, and, network, processor, technology, for, optimal, performance, and, flexibility., The, Cisco, 7600, Series, ES, Plus, Transport, Line, Cards, provide, distributed, forwarding, with, proven, ASIC, technology, in, the, forwarding, path, (routing, , switching, , NetFlow, , ACLs), and, queuing, and, shaping, functions, to, optimize, the, performance, of, these, foundational, features., Additionally, , four, (for, the, ES, Plus, Transport, 40G, line, cards), or, two, (for, the, ES, Plus, Transport, 20G, line, cards), programmable, network, processors, are, included, in, the, forwarding, plane, to, facilitate, flexibility, and, feature, growth., This, ideal, technology, combination, provides, customers, with, the, necessary, flexibility, for, future, service, deployments, and, allows, them, to, scale, the, system, capacity, as, required. All, Cisco, 7600, Series, Router, chassis, , except, the, Cisco, 7603, , which, has, reached, end, of, life, and, end, of, sale., The, Cisco, 7603-S, is, fully, supported. Cisco, Supervisor, Engine, 720-3B, , 720-3BXL, , Route, Switch, Processor, 720, (RSP720), 3C/3CXL, , and, RSP720-10GE, 3C/3CXL The, ES, Plus, line, cards, require, dual-channel, switch, fabric, connectivity;, therefore, the, cards, are, not, supported, with, the, Supervisor, Engine, 32, or, in, slots, 1, thru, 8, of, the, Cisco, 7613, chassis.