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TMC-280 TMC-280 TMC-280 TMC-280
Brand: Telco Systems
Product Code: TMC-280
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Telco Systems TMC-280 Managed Ethernet demarcation gateway (2) 10/100/1000BaseT ports (1) Unpopulated SFP-based 100FX/1000BaseX port (1) universal 100/1000BaseX unpopulated SFP-based or 10/100/1000BaseT port (1) external power supply -Extensive Layer 2 functionality with non-blocking wire-speed switching capabilities -Comprehensive OAM and management functionality supported by BiNOSCenterNG -Flexible management options for remote alarms/provisioning Control, monitoring, line testing and loopback capabilities for remote fault isolation -Redundant uplinks for protected services and link aggregation -Enhanced security and protection mechanisms -Granular rate limiting for ingress and egress -Compact 1RU design with desktop, rack and wall-mounting options -Purpose-built technology for optimized CAPEX and OPEX Like other members of the T-Marc family, the T-Marc 280 supports advanced Layer 2 networking using Telco Systems' AccessEthernet® technology to allow total flexibility in deployment, provisioning, and delivery of Carrier Ethernet services. Two tri-speed customer access ports enable providers to support two separate customers on a single device. The second access port may also be used to create a DMZ (demilitarized zone or data management zone) to separate external (public) traffic from the customer’s internal network. Each access port supports a single EVC and UNI with four traffic classes. Dual network uplinks include an SFP-based fiber and a combo tri-speed/fiber port. The dual network ports provide a rich set of protection options, including link aggregation, resilient, link, and Spanning Tree protocols. Standards-based Ethernet OAM features include IEEE 802.3ah link OAM, IEEE 802.1ag connectivity fault management, and ITU-T Y.1731 fault and performance monitoring for end-to-end Ethernet services. Physical and virtual networking capabilities provide automated address management and discovery, bandwidth profiles, advanced traffic classes, and complete control over how subscriber traffic is transported across a service provider’s network.
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