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BT-6800 BT-6800 BT-6800
Product Code: BT-6800
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Price: $195.00
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Sixnet BT-6800, SN-6800-XX Rugged HSPA Modem No Power Adapter Total Cost of Ownership Advantages Eliminates visits to remote sites Reduces complexity to provide infrastructure protection Connect multiple devices to a single WAN link Remote TCP / IP-based connectivity Multiple interfaces: 1 or 5 Ethernet ports, USB and Serial Rugged, Compact Design Facilitates connectivity in harsh space-constrained locations Provides smallest industrial footprint on the market -40 to +75°C operating temperature DIN-rail mounting Power over Ethernet (PoE) options Built-In Security Protects against unwanted intrusion Provides ultra-reliable "always on" cellular connection VPN tunnel Access Control List (ACL) IP SEC or SSL Ubiquitous Cellular Coverage Reduces communication cost to remote locations Provides comprehensive coverage without dedicated infrastructure Cellular fees are lower than traditional landlines 2G/2.5G (GSM GPRS / EDGE and CDMA 1XRTT) 3G (GSM WCDMA / HSDPA/HSUPA or EVDO Rev A) Sixnet's IndustrialPro M2M Gateways offer high-speed, secure wireless TCP / IP connectivity to critical assets and devices at remote sites. As a compact cellular gateway, the IndustrialPro provides real-time data access, monitoring and control regardless of locations. With Ethernet and Serial interfaces, Sixnet rugged industrial gateways cost-effectively connect RTUs, meters, sensors and other remote devices to a central site or SCADA server. When used as a back-up application, the IndustrialPro delivers high-speed connectivity to reliably ensure business continuity.
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