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AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030 AX-3030
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A10 Networks AX-3030 ADC (Application Delivery Controller) 6x 1GE copper ports, 2x 1GE Fiber (SFP) ports. 2x 1/10GE Fiber (SFP+) ports, 2x USB ports, 2x AC power supplies, and 4x fans. AX-3030 A10 Networks introduces the AX 3030, a new 1U appliance in our AX Series Application Delivery Controller family that lowers the barrier to entry for 10 gigabit connectivity.
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Tags: AX-3030, A10 NETWORKS AX-3030, AX3030, A10 NETWORKS, A10, Networks, AX-3030, ADC, (Application, Delivery, Controller), 6x, 1GE, copper, ports, , 2x, 1GE, Fiber, (SFP), ports., 2x, 1/10GE, Fiber, (SFP+), ports, , 2x, USB, ports, , 2x, AC, power, supplies, , and, 4x, fans. AX-3030 A10, Networks, introduces, the, AX, 3030, , a, new, 1U, appliance, in, our, AX, Series, Application, Delivery, Controller, family, that, lowers, the, barrier, to, entry, for, 10, gigabit, connectivity., Application, Throughput, (L4/L7), -, 27, Gbps, /, 26.5Gbps Layer, 4, CPS-, 580k Layer, 4, HTTP, RPS-, 2.9, Million Layer, 7, CPS, (1-1)-, 240k SSL, CPS, (1024/2048)-, 12k/2.7k Application, Delivery, Partitions, (ADP), RBA^^/L3V-, 128/64 Network, Interface, Ports-, 1, GE, Copper, -, 6, , 1, GE, Fiber, (SFP), -, 2, , 1/10, GE, Fiber, (SFP+), -, 2, Management, Interface-, Yes Console, Port-, Yes Solid-state, Drive, (SSD)-, yes Processor-, Intel, Xeon, Quad-core Memory, (ECC, RAM)-, 16GB Hardware, Acceleration- 64-bit, Linear, Decoupled, Architecture-, Yes, Flexible, Traffic, Acceleration-, Software, Switching/Routing-, Software, SSL, Security, Processor-, Yes, SSL, Card, Option-, No, Compression, Card, Option-, No, Total, Optional, Card, Per, Unit-, 0 Power, Consumption, (Max)-, 188W Heat, in, BTU/hr, (Max)-, 641 Performance, Per, Watt, (PPW)*-, 3085 Power, Supply-, Dual, 400W, RPS, AC, Power Cooling, Fan-, Hot, Swap, Smart, Fans Dimensions-, 1.7, in, (H), , x, 17.2, in, (W), , x, 16.6, in, (D) Rack, Units-, 1U Unit, Weight-, 19.5lbs Operating, Ranges-, Temperature, , -, 40°, C, |, Humidity, 5%, -, 95% A10, AX, Series, is, a, family, of, hardware, appliances, ready, to, match, your deployment, need., Each, AX, Series, appliance, is, powered, by, ACOS software, , which, brings, a, unique, combination, of, shared, memory accuracy, and, efficiency, , 64-bit, scalability, and, advanced, flow, processing. AX, Series, line, of, hardware, ADC, appliances, fits, all, size, networks, with entry-level, models, starting, at, 7.5, Gbps, and, moving, up, to, a, 115, Gbps high-performance, appliance, for, your, most, demanding, requirements. All, models, are, dual, power, supply, capable, , feature, solid-state, drives (SSDs), and, utilize, no, inaccessible, moving, parts, for, high, availability. All, models, benefit, from, our, Flexible, Traffic, Acceleration, (FTA) technology, , with, select, models, featuring, field, programmable, gate arrays, (FPGAs), for, hardware, optimized, FTA, processing;, this, provides highly, scalable, flow, distribution, and, distributed, denial, of, service (DDoS), protection, capabilities. Also, , in, select, models, , dedicated, security, processors, provide SSL, offload, , and, switching, and, routing, processors, provide, highperformance network, processing., Each, appliance, offers, high performance, per, rack, unit, and, efficient, power, supplies, to, ensure, a green, solution, and, reduce, power, consumption, costs., Coupled, with high, density, 1, Gbps, , 10, Gbps, and, 40, Gbps, port, options, , AX, ADC appliances, meet, the, highest, networking, bandwidth, demands. Additional, management, options, are, also, available, to, enhance, your AX, Series, infrastructure., A10’s, aGalaxy®, line, of, hardware, and, software appliances, centrally, manage, all, AX, Series, appliances, for, streamlined operations, , resulting, in, reduced, OPEX.