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Brand: MRV
Product Code: EM316LNXNM-OT
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MRV EM316LNXNM-OT 2xSFP Network Management Module MRV EM316LNXNM-OT Assy: 1275022-004R Ports: RJ-45 RJ-48 SFP (2 empty) Network Management Module for Fiber Driver Linux-based system interface, MegavisionJ embedded. Highlights Fiber Driver chassis, module, and port management - Secure end-to-end network management Linux-based system software – all the security and extensibility of the open source operating system Extensive management features – Link status, optical performance monitoring (including Digital Diagnostics), remote laser shutoff , SNMP traps, module loopback diagnostics, remote module reset, and much more In-band (MegaVision Pro, SNMPv1, SNMPv3, SSH, Telnet) management interfaces Out-of-band CLI management Integrated MegaVision-J – complete Java-based embedded management GUI SSH and SNMPv3 – secure in-band management Individual user access policies – allocate port access for each user independently Time Protocol (TP and NTP) support – automatically synchronizes the system clock with a designated time server Syslog – automatic logging of system events Editable ASCII confi guration fi les – easily create, edit, and save confi guration settings Script saving and activation from onboard fl ash fi le systems – save and execute macro commands locally System confi guration TFTP upload and download – save confi gurations on remote servers for easy retrieval and restoration Downloadable fi rmware and microcode – remote software updates, provide the ability to add additional features as they become available 10/100Base-TX management interface port with auto negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX – easy integration into existing Ethernet networks Dual 100Base-FX SFP-based interfaces – easy integration into ‘gray’ or CWDM/DWDM optical networks, able to direct East-West WDM ring OSC Advanced Optical Service Channel (OSC) protocol (fast and reliable link failover protection - Point-to-point (P2P) - WDM ring Cluster Discovery Protocol – access every shelf in a WDM cluster from any shelf without the need for a static network map or address table The EM316LNXNM-OT is the network management module from MRV’s Fiber Driver™ Optical Multiservice Platform. With Linux-based system software and an advanced hardware design, the EM316LNXNM-OT incorporates many advanced features for complete setup and management control for the full range of Fiber Driver products. It represents the ultimate in multi-service optical transport network management. The Linux Advantage: The Linux kernel brings the advantages of open source1, 2 to network administration. Security is a prime concern for IT managers, and the management module provides a highly secure operating environment with features such as SSH, SNMPv3, and RADIUS support. User access policies allow multiple users access to the same equipment shelf without compromising system security. The EM316LNXNM-OT is also designed for extensibility. Future module upgrades are installed easily through remote fi rmware and programmable logic microcode downloads. In addition, many possible add-on features may be found in the Linux Open Source community. Management Features: The EM316LNXNM-OT polls the chassis and resident Fiber Driver modules for critical information, and it uses the management information base (MIB) to report MAC addresses, module types, link statuses, and other useful system data. It enables loopback testing and allows confi guration of parameters such as the system IP parameters. The management module also monitors operating temperature, power supply status, and fan status, and it fully supports digital diagnostics for optical performance monitoring of pluggable transceivers. SNMP traps may be triggered by events to send instant alerts about potential problems, which can further reduce operating expences. The EM316LNXNM-OT provides a standardized CLI interface accessible out-of-band through the local serial port or in-band from the network using Telnet or the more secure SSH protocols. Remote in-band access is also available through any SNMP-enabled network management system (NMS). MRV Communications’ own MegaVision Pro NMS provides a complete graphical user inteface (GUI) for the LNXNM and the full line of MRV Fiber Driver chassis and modules down to the port level. Confi guration fi les may be uploaded or downloaded to the LNXNM in standard ASCII format, allowing confi gurations to be edited offl ine and saved remotely. To further ease system setup and management, macro commands and scripts may be saved to and activated from the LNXNM module. The EM316LNXNM-OT provides four front panel ports for management access. The RS-232 port provides local out-of-band serial access. The 10/100Base-TX interface and dual redundant 100Base-FX Ethernet fi ber ports with SFP interface docks provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.
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Highlights Fiber, Driver, chassis, , module, , and, port, management -, Secure, end-to-end, network, management Linux-based, system, software, , all, the, security, and extensibility, of, the, open, source, operating, system Extensive, management, features, , Link, status, , optical performance, monitoring, (including, Digital, Diagnostics), remote, laser, shutoff, , , SNMP, traps, , module, loopback diagnostics, , remote, module, reset, , and, much, more In-band, (MegaVision, Pro, , SNMPv1, , SNMPv3, , SSH, , Telnet) management, interfaces Out-of-band, CLI, management Integrated, MegaVision-J, , complete, Java-based, embedded management, GUI SSH, and, SNMPv3, , secure, in-band, management Individual, user, access, policies, , allocate, port, access, for each, user, independently Time, Protocol, (TP, and, NTP), support, , automatically synchronizes, the, system, clock, with, a, designated, time server Syslog, , automatic, logging, of, system, events Editable, ASCII, confi, guration, fi, les, , easily, create, , edit, and, save, confi, guration, settings Script, saving, and, activation, from, onboard, fl, ash, fi, le systems, , save, and, execute, macro, commands, locally System, confi, guration, TFTP, upload, and, download, , save confi, gurations, on, remote, servers, for, easy, retrieval, and restoration Downloadable, fi, rmware, and, microcode, , remote software, updates, , provide, the, ability, to, add, additional features, as, they, become, available 10/100Base-TX, management, interface, port, with, auto negotiation, and, auto, MDI/MDIX, , easy, integration, into existing, Ethernet, networks Dual, 100Base-FX, SFP-based, interfaces, , easy, integration into, ‘gray’, or, CWDM/DWDM, optical, networks, , able, to direct, East-West, WDM, ring, OSC Advanced, Optical, Service, Channel, (OSC), protocol, (fast and, reliable, link, failover, protection -, Point-to-point, (P2P) -, WDM, ring Cluster, Discovery, Protocol, , access, every, shelf, in, a WDM, cluster, from, any, shelf, without, the, need, for, a, static network, map, or, address, table, The, EM316LNXNM-OT, is, the, network, management, module from, MRV’s, Fiber, Driver™, Optical, Multiservice, Platform., With Linux-based, system, software, and, an, advanced, hardware design, , the, EM316LNXNM-OT, incorporates, many, advanced features, for, complete, setup, and, management, control, for, the full, range, of, Fiber, Driver, products., It, represents, the, ultimate, in multi-service, optical, transport, network, management. The, Linux, Advantage- The, Linux, kernel, brings, the, advantages, of, open, source1, 2, to, network, administration., Security, is, a, prime, concern, for, IT managers, , and, the, management, module, provides, a, highly secure, operating, environment, with, features, such, as, SSH, SNMPv3, , and, RADIUS, support., User, access, policies, allow multiple, users, access, to, the, same, equipment, shelf, without compromising, system, security. The, EM316LNXNM-OT, is, also, designed, for, extensibility., Future module, upgrades, are, installed, easily, through, remote, fi, rmware and, programmable, logic, microcode, downloads., In, addition, many, possible, add-on, features, may, be, found, in, the, Linux Open, Source, community. Management, Features- The, EM316LNXNM-OT, polls, the, chassis, and, resident, Fiber, Driver modules, for, critical, information, , and, it, uses, the, management information, base, (MIB), to, report, MAC, addresses, , module, types, link, statuses, , and, other, useful, system, data., It, enables, loopback testing, and, allows, confi, guration, of, parameters, such, as, the system, IP, parameters., The, management, module, also, monitors operating, temperature, , power, supply, status, , and, fan, status, and, it, fully, supports, digital, diagnostics, for, optical, performance monitoring, of, pluggable, transceivers., SNMP, traps, may, be triggered, by, events, to, send, instant, alerts, about, potential problems, , which, can, further, reduce, operating, expences. The, EM316LNXNM-OT, provides, a, standardized, CLI, interface, accessible, out-of-band, through, the, local, serial, port, or in-band, from, the, network, using, Telnet, or, the, more, secure, SSH, protocols., Remote, in-band, access, is, also, available through, any, SNMP-enabled, network, management, system, (NMS)., MRV, Communications’, own, MegaVision, Pro NMS, provides, a, complete, graphical, user, inteface, (GUI), for, the, LNXNM, and, the, full, line, of, MRV, Fiber, Driver, chassis and, modules, down, to, the, port, level. Confi, guration, fi, les, may, be, uploaded, or, downloaded, to, the, LNXNM, in, standard, ASCII, format, , allowing, confi, gurations to, be, edited, offl, ine, and, saved, remotely., To, further, ease, system, setup, and, management, , macro, commands, and scripts, may, be, saved, to, and, activated, from, the, LNXNM, module. The, EM316LNXNM-OT, provides, four, front, panel, ports, for, management, access., The, RS-232, port, provides, local out-of-band, serial, access., The, 10/100Base-TX, interface, and, dual, redundant, 100Base-FX, Ethernet, fi, ber, ports, with SFP, interface, docks, provide, in-band, access, remotely, from, any, network, workstation.