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BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R BR-VDX6720-60-R
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Brocade BR-VDX6720-60-R VDX 6720,includes 60 SFP+ ports OF 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet With Port side exhaust airflow. Ports only, This does NOT include Optics. Comes With two 500W Power supplies and three Fan units. BR-VDX6720-60-R Brocade VDX 6720, 60P SFP+, AC, port side exhaust airflow Revolutionizing the Way Data Center Networks Are Built Seeking better ways to build clouds and virtualized data centers, today’s IT organizations are turning to highperformance networking solutions that increase flexibility through leading-edge technologies. The Brocade® VDX® 6720 Switch is a high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fixed configuration switch with LAN ports that supports the most demanding business applications. It is specifically designed to improve network utilization, maximize application availability, increase scalability, and dramatically simplify network architecture in virtualized data centers. The Brocade VDX 6720 with Brocade VCS® Fabric technology is an ideal platform for a variety of Top-of-Rack (ToR) fabric deployments. The Brocade VDX 6720 is available in two models—the 2U Brocade VDX 6720-60 with 60 10 GbE LAN ports, and the 1U Brocade VDX 6720-24 with 24 10 GbE LAN ports. Both models deliver high performance for intra-rack traffic in virtualized environments, provide ultra-low latency of 600 nanoseconds for the same ASIC on the switch, and offer low power consumption, making the Brocade VDX 6720 ideal for demanding data center environments. This helps organizations design a network with no oversubscription for deterministic network performance and improved application response times. In addition, the Brocade VDX 6720 provides storage connectivity for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI, and NAS. AN INTELLIGENT FOUNDATION FOR CLOUD COMPUTING Brocade VCS Fabric technology is an innovative technology that enables organizations to build high-performance, cloud-optimized data centers while preserving existing network designs and cabling, and gaining active-active server connections. For scale-out fabric architectures, Brocade VCS Fabric UNMATCHED SIMPLICITY AND AUTOMATION Brocade VCS Fabric technology helps streamline network operations and speed deployment with embedded features that enable automatic configuration and management. These features include: • Brocade VCS Logical Chassis: The VCS Logical Chassis feature allows organizations to manage an entire VCS fabric as a single switch. This single point of management eliminates the need to manually configure and manage each switch, simplifying management and reducing operational costs. As additional switches are added, they inherit the configuration of the fabric, allowing the network to scale out with ease. • Self-forming and self-healing fabric: Configuration is simplified with selfforming fabrics. Configuration and device WHAT IS AN ETHERNET FABRIC? Compared to classic hierarchical Ethernet architectures, Ethernet fabrics provide higher levels of performance, utilization, availability, and simplicity. They are designed to be: • Flatter: Eliminates the need for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), while being completely interoperable with existing Ethernet networks • Flexible: Can be architected in any topology to best meet the needs of any variety of workloads • Resilient: Uses multiple “least cost” paths for high performance and high reliability • Elastic: Scales easily up and down as needed More advanced Ethernet fabrics borrow further from Fibre Channel fabric constructs: • They are self-forming and function as a single logical entity, in which all switches automatically know about each other and all connected physical and logical devices. • Management can then be domainbased rather than device-based, and defined by policy rather than repetitive procedures. • These features, along with virtualization-specific enhancements, make it easier to explicitly address the challenges of VM automation within the network, thereby facilitating better IT automation. Protocol convergence, such as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), may also be a feature, intended as a means of better bridging LAN and Storage Area Network (SAN) traffic. Learn more about Ethernet fabrics at www.brocade.com/ethernet-fabric. Figure 1. Compared to classic Ethernet architectures, Ethernet fabrics—such as Brocade VCS fabrics—allow all paths to be active and provide greater scalability while reducing management complexity. Servers with 10 Gbps Connections Classic Hierarchical Ethernet Architecture Servers with 10 Gbps Connections Ethernet Fabric Architecture Scalability Core Edge Core Aggregation Access Figure 2. Brocade VCS Fabric technology simplifies the network architecture, enables unified storage connectivity, improves VM mobility, and allows the seamless insertion of services. Dedicated Fibre Channel SAN for Tier 1 applications VCS fabric extension Blade servers Rack-mount servers REMOTE PRIMARY DATA CENTER DATA CENTER VM VM VM Core routers FCoE/iSCSI/NAS storage VM VM VM VM VM VM SAN Public Network VM VCS fabric extension Native Security services Fibre Channel (firewall, encryption) Layer 4–7 application delivery information is known by all switches, allowing fabric switches to be added or removed, and physical or virtual servers to be relocated—without the fabric requiring manual reconfiguration. In addition, fabrics are self-healing, increasing network resiliency. The fabric redirects traffic if a link fails, helping to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow and prevent data loss. MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Brocade VCS Fabric technology provides the foundation for a flexible and responsive network infrastructure while delivering maximum efficiency. Optimized East-West Traffic Traditional data centers are architected with a rigid, three-tier tree topology, optimized for a client-server computing environment in which traffic travels north to south. This compromises performance, increases latency, and creates bottlenecks. With the increased prevalence of virtualization and Web-based application architectures, data center network traffic is now predominantly east-west or server-server. The Brocade VCS fabric was specifically designed and optimized to address these traffic patterns by moving traffic through any of the active paths and avoiding the multiple hops required in other tiered topologies. Multiple Load-Balanced Paths at Layers 1–3 Brocade VCS Fabric technology enables highly elastic Layer 2 and Layer 3 domains with extremely efficient load balancing and multiple active Layer 3 gateways, in addition to Layer 2 Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) and Brocade ISL Trunking. In the event of a failure, traffic is automatically routed to the closest path, providing higher resilience and greater application uptime. Multilayer multipathing helps improve network utilization, reduce latency, and increase overall network performance. Optimized for Virtualization Brocade VCS Fabric technology offers unique features to support virtualized server and storage environments Zero-touch VM discovery: Brocade VM-Aware Network Automation eliminates the manual configuration of port profiles when a VM is added to the fabric or moved, providing an additional level of automation. The VCS fabric directly communicates with VMware vCenter, automatically downloading all port profile information and the associated MAC address, and distributes the VM-specific information to all switches within the fabric. When the VM moves, no additional configuration is required. • Automatic Migration of Port Profiles: During a VM migration, network switch ports must be dynamically configured to ensure that the VM traffic experiences consistent policies and configurations. The Brocade Automatic Migration of Port Profiles (AMPP) feature enables a seamless migration, since the VCS fabric is aware of port profiles and automatically tracks them as they move. Implemented in a hypervisor-agnostic manner, port profiles and MAC address mapping are created on any switch in the fabric. This mapping provides the logical flow for traffic from the source port to the destination port. As a VM migrates, the destination port in the fabric learns of the MAC address move and automatically activates the port profile configuration within a single fabric or across separate fabrics. PROACTIVE MONITORING Brocade Fabric Watch is an innovative switch health monitoring feature available on the Brocade VDX 6720. Fabric Watch monitors the health of certain switch components and, based on the threshold set, declares each component as marginal or down. EASE OF USE AUGMENTED BY BROCADE NETWORK ADVISOR Brocade Network Advisor is an easy-to-use network management platform for advanced management of Brocade VCS fabrics and Brocade VDX switches across the entire network lifecycle. Organizations can use Brocade Network Advisor to manage a VCS fabric as a single entity or to drill down to individual Brocade VDX switches for fault, inventory, or performance management—and to manage multiple VCS fabrics in parallel. Brocade Network Advisor also provides simplified management of AMPP configurations, and integrity checks can be performed across physical Brocade VDX configurations, either in the same fabric or across different VCS fabrics. In addition, Brocade Network Advisor enables VM-level monitoring and can help identify top-talker applications leveraging sFlow across the fabric. Finally, Brocade Network Advisor provides VCS fabric diagnostics, including visualization of VCS fabric traffic paths and network latency monitoring that enables fault isolation via hop-by-hop inspection. BROCADE GLOBAL SERVICES Brocade Global Services has the expertise to help organizations build scalable, efficient cloud infrastructures. Leveraging 15 years of expertise in storage, networking, and virtualization, Brocade Global Services delivers world-class professional services, technical support, and education services, enabling organizations to maximize their Brocade investments, accelerate new technology deployments, and optimize the performance of networking infrastructures. AFFORDABLE ACQUISITION OPTIONS Brocade Capital Solutions helps organizations easily address their IT requirements by offering flexible network acquisition and support alternatives. Organizations can select from purchase, lease, Brocade Network Subscription, and Brocade Subscription Plus options to align network acquisition with their unique capital requirements and risk profiles. MAXIMIZING INVESTMENTS To help optimize technology investments, Brocade and its partners offer complete solutions that include professional services, technical support, and education.
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Tags: BR-VDX6720-60-R, Brocade BR-VDX6720-60-R, BRVDX672060R, Brocade, Brocade, BR-VDX6720-60-R, VDX, 6720, includes, 60, SFP+, ports, OF, 1/10, Gigabit, Ethernet, With, Port, side, exhaust, airflow., Ports, only, , This, does, NOT include, Optics., Comes, with, two, 500W, Power, supplies, and, three, Fan, units. BR-VDX6720-60-R, Brocade, VDX, 6720, , 60P, SFP+, , AC, , port, side, exhaust, airflow Revolutionizing, the, Way, Data, Center, Networks, Are, Built, Seeking, better, ways, to, build, clouds, and virtualized, data, centers, , today’s, IT organizations, are, turning, to, highperformance networking, solutions, that increase, flexibility, through, leading-edge technologies., The, Brocade®, VDX®, 6720 Switch, is, a, high-performance, 10, Gigabit Ethernet, (GbE), fixed, configuration, switch with, LAN, ports, that, supports, the, most demanding, business, applications., It, is specifically, designed, to, improve, network utilization, , maximize, application, availability, increase, scalability, , and, dramatically simplify, network, architecture, in, virtualized data, centers., The, Brocade, VDX, 6720, with Brocade, VCS®, Fabric, technology, is, an, ideal platform, for, a, variety, of, Top-of-Rack, (ToR) fabric, deployments. The, Brocade, VDX, 6720, is, available, in, two models—the, 2U, Brocade, VDX, 6720-60, with 60, 10, GbE, LAN, ports, , and, the, 1U, Brocade VDX, 6720-24, with, 24, 10, GbE, LAN, ports. Both, models, deliver, high, performance, for intra-rack, traffic, in, virtualized, environments, provide, ultra-low, latency, of, 600 nanoseconds, for, the, same, ASIC, on, the switch, , and, offer, low, power, consumption, making, the, Brocade, VDX, 6720, ideal, for demanding, data, center, environments., This helps, organizations, design, a, network, with no, oversubscription, for, deterministic network, performance, and, improved application, response, times., In, addition, the, Brocade, VDX, 6720, provides, storage connectivity, for, Fibre, Channel, over, Ethernet (FCoE), , iSCSI, , and, NAS., AN, INTELLIGENT, FOUNDATION, FOR CLOUD, COMPUTING Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, is, an innovative, technology, that, enables organizations, to, build, high-performance, cloud-optimized, data, centers, while preserving, existing, network, designs, and cabling, , and, gaining, active-active, server connections., For, scale-out, fabric architectures, , Brocade, VCS, Fabric UNMATCHED, SIMPLICITY, AND AUTOMATION Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, helps streamline, network, operations, and, speed deployment, with, embedded, features, that enable, automatic, configuration, and management., These, features, include- •, Brocade, VCS, Logical, Chassis-, The VCS, Logical, Chassis, feature, allows organizations, to, manage, an, entire, VCS fabric, as, a, single, switch., This, single, point of, management, eliminates, the, need, to manually, configure, and, manage, each switch, , simplifying, management, and reducing, operational, costs., As, additional switches, are, added, , they, inherit, the configuration, of, the, fabric, , allowing, the network, to, scale, out, with, ease. •, Self-forming, and, self-healing, fabric- Configuration, is, simplified, with, selfforming fabrics., Configuration, and, device WHAT, IS, AN, ETHERNET, FABRIC? Compared, to, classic, hierarchical, Ethernet architectures, , Ethernet, fabrics, provide higher, levels, of, performance, , utilization, availability, , and, simplicity., They, are designed, to, be- •, Flatter-, Eliminates, the, need, for Spanning, Tree, Protocol, (STP), , while being, completely, interoperable, with existing, Ethernet, networks •, Flexible-, Can, be, architected, in, any topology, to, best, meet, the, needs, of any, variety, of, workloads •, Resilient-, Uses, multiple, “least, cost” paths, for, high, performance, and, high reliability •, Elastic-, Scales, easily, up, and, down as, needed More, advanced, Ethernet, fabrics borrow, further, from, Fibre, Channel, fabric constructs- •, They, are, self-forming, and, function as, a, single, logical, entity, , in, which, all switches, automatically, know, about each, other, and, all, connected, physical and, logical, devices. •, Management, can, then, be, domainbased rather, than, device-based, and, defined, by, policy, rather, than repetitive, procedures. •, These, features, , along, with virtualization-specific, enhancements, make, it, easier, to, explicitly, address, the challenges, of, VM, automation, within, the network, , thereby, facilitating, better IT, automation. Protocol, convergence, , such, as, Fibre Channel, over, Ethernet, (FCoE), , may, also be, a, feature, , intended, as, a, means, of better, bridging, LAN, and, Storage, Area Network, (SAN), traffic. Learn, more, about, Ethernet, fabrics, at www.brocade.com/ethernet-fabric. Figure, 1. Compared, to, classic, Ethernet, architectures, , Ethernet, fabrics—such, as, Brocade, VCS fabrics—allow, all, paths, to, be, active, and, provide, greater, scalability, while, reducing management, complexity. Servers, with, 10, Gbps, Connections Classic, Hierarchical, Ethernet, Architecture Servers, with, 10, Gbps, Connections Ethernet, Fabric, Architecture Scalability Core, Edge Core, Aggregation, Access Figure, 2. Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, simplifies, the, network, architecture, , enables, unified, storage connectivity, , improves, VM, mobility, , and, allows, the, seamless, insertion, of, services. Dedicated, Fibre Channel, SAN, for Tier, 1, applications VCS, fabric extension Blade servers, Rack-mount servers REMOTE PRIMARY, DATA, CENTER DATA, CENTER VM VM, VM Core routers FCoE/iSCSI/NAS storage VM VM VM VM VM VM SAN Public Network VM VCS, fabric extension Native Security, services, Fibre, Channel (firewall, , encryption) Layer, 4–7 application, delivery information, is, known, by, all, switches, allowing, fabric, switches, to, be, added or, removed, , and, physical, or, virtual servers, to, be, relocated—without, the fabric, requiring, manual, reconfiguration. In, addition, , fabrics, are, self-healing, increasing, network, resiliency., The, fabric redirects, traffic, if, a, link, fails, , helping, to ensure, uninterrupted, traffic, flow, and prevent, data, loss., MAXIMUM, EFFICIENCY Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, provides, the foundation, for, a, flexible, and, responsive network, infrastructure, while, delivering maximum, efficiency. Optimized, East-West, Traffic Traditional, data, centers, are, architected, with a, rigid, , three-tier, tree, topology, , optimized, for a, client-server, computing, environment, in which, traffic, travels, north, to, south., This compromises, performance, , increases latency, , and, creates, bottlenecks., With, the increased, prevalence, of, virtualization, and Web-based, application, architectures, , data center, network, traffic, is, now, predominantly east-west, or, server-server., The, Brocade, VCS fabric, was, specifically, designed, and optimized, to, address, these, traffic, patterns by, moving, traffic, through, any, of, the, active paths, and, avoiding, the, multiple, hops required, in, other, tiered, topologies. Multiple, Load-Balanced, Paths at, Layers, 1–3 Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, enables highly, elastic, Layer, 2, and, Layer, 3, domains with, extremely, efficient, load, balancing, and multiple, active, Layer, 3, gateways, , in, addition to, Layer, 2, Equal, Cost, Multi-Path, (ECMP), and Brocade, ISL, Trunking., In, the, event, of, a failure, , traffic, is, automatically, routed, to, the closest, path, , providing, higher, resilience, and greater, application, uptime., Multilayer multipathing, helps, improve, network utilization, , reduce, latency, , and, increase overall, network, performance. Optimized, for, Virtualization Brocade, VCS, Fabric, technology, offers unique, features, to, support, virtualized server, and, storage, environments Zero-touch, VM, discovery- Brocade, VM-Aware, Network, Automation eliminates, the, manual, configuration, of port, profiles, when, a, VM, is, added, to, the fabric, or, moved, , providing, an, additional level, of, automation., The, VCS, fabric directly, communicates, with, VMware vCenter, , automatically, downloading all, port, profile, information, and, the associated, MAC, address, , and, distributes the, VM-specific, information, to, all, switches within, the, fabric., When, the, VM, moves, no, additional, configuration, is, required. •, Automatic, Migration, of, Port, Profiles- During, a, VM, migration, , network, switch ports, must, be, dynamically, configured, to ensure, that, the, VM, traffic, experiences consistent, policies, and, configurations. The, Brocade, Automatic, Migration, of Port, Profiles, (AMPP), feature, enables, a seamless, migration, , since, the, VCS, fabric is, aware, of, port, profiles, and, automatically tracks, them, as, they, move., Implemented in, a, hypervisor-agnostic, manner, , port profiles, and, MAC, address, mapping, are created, on, any, switch, in, the, fabric. This, mapping, provides, the, logical, flow for, traffic, from, the, source, port, to, the destination, port., As, a, VM, migrates, the, destination, port, in, the, fabric learns, of, the, MAC, address, move, and automatically, activates, the, port, profile configuration, within, a, single, fabric, or across, separate, fabrics. PROACTIVE, MONITORING Brocade, Fabric, Watch, is, an, innovative switch, health, monitoring, feature, available on, the, Brocade, VDX, 6720., Fabric, Watch monitors, the, health, of, certain, switch components, and, , based, on, the, threshold set, , declares, each, component, as, marginal or, down. EASE, OF, USE, AUGMENTED, BY BROCADE, NETWORK, ADVISOR Brocade, Network, Advisor, is, an, easy-to-use network, management, platform, for advanced, management, of, Brocade, VCS fabrics, and, Brocade, VDX, switches, across the, entire, network, lifecycle., Organizations can, use, Brocade, Network, Advisor, to manage, a, VCS, fabric, as, a, single, entity or, to, drill, down, to, individual, Brocade, VDX switches, for, fault, , inventory, , or, performance management—and, to, manage, multiple, VCS fabrics, in, parallel., Brocade, Network, Advisor, also, provides simplified, management, of, AMPP configurations, , and, integrity, checks, can, be performed, across, physical, Brocade, VDX configurations, , either, in, the, same, fabric, or across, different, VCS, fabrics., In, addition, Brocade, Network, Advisor, enables, VM-level monitoring, and, can, help, identify, top-talker applications, leveraging, sFlow, across, the fabric., Finally, , Brocade, Network, Advisor provides, VCS, fabric, diagnostics, , including visualization, of, VCS, fabric, traffic, paths, and network, latency, monitoring, that, enables fault, isolation, via, hop-by-hop, inspection. BROCADE, GLOBAL, SERVICES Brocade, Global, Services, has, the, expertise to, help, organizations, build, scalable, efficient, cloud, infrastructures., Leveraging 15, years, of, expertise, in, storage, , networking, and, virtualization, , Brocade, Global, Services delivers, world-class, professional, services, technical, support, , and, education, services, enabling, organizations, to, maximize, their Brocade, investments, , accelerate, new technology, deployments, , and, optimize, the performance, of, networking, infrastructures. AFFORDABLE, ACQUISITION, OPTIONS Brocade, Capital, Solutions, helps organizations, easily, address, their, IT requirements, by, offering, flexible, network acquisition, and, support, alternatives. Organizations, can, select, from, purchase, lease, , Brocade, Network, Subscription, , and Brocade, Subscription, Plus, options, to, align network, acquisition, with, their, unique capital, requirements, and, risk, profiles. MAXIMIZING, INVESTMENTS To, help, optimize, technology, investments, Brocade, and, its, partners, offer, complete solutions, that, include, professional, services, technical, support, , and, education.