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TZ 180

TZ 180
TZ 180 TZ 180 TZ 180
Brand: SonicWall
Product Code: TZ 180
Availability: 22
Price: $95.00
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SonicWall TZ 180 UTM, APL17-049, 101-500160-50 wireless TotalSecure. TZ 180 01-SSC-6095 Designed as a complete Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform delivering business-class protection to small, remote and branch office networks, the TZ 180 Series features an integrated 5-port auto-sensing MDIX switch and configurable optional port. ¦ Exceptionally fast Unified Threat Management (UTM) performance on networks running gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware and intrusion prevention ¦ Integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN with WPA2 support delivers increased security and flexibility as well as greater range for wireless users ¦ Inter-zone scanning combines with Unified Threat Management protection to eliminate threats no matter where they originate—inside or outside the network ¦ The TZ 180 delivers twice the UTM scanning speed as the TZ 170 and provides compelling new features such as a security dashboard for real-time threat monitoring and WPA2 support UNIFIED THREAT MANAGEMENT The SonicWALL TZ 180 TotalSecure 25 is a complete Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform that combines IPSec VPN technology with dynamically updated gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering and enforced desktop anti-virus capabilities, delivering reliable layered protection against application and network threats. POWERFUL PERFORMANCE Powered by advanced security processor, the SonicWALL TZ 180 TotalSecure 25 delivers a speedy Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall throughput of up to 90 Mbps and 10Mbps deep packet inspection throughput for powerful performance. OPTIONAL PORT The optional port can be configured as an additional LAN, WAN, WLAN or DMZ, so you can create another subnet or a transparent gateway to the Internet for network hosts such as Mail and Web servers. EASY TO USE AND MANAGE The SonicWALL TZ 180 TotalSecure 25 features an innovative web-based management interface using next-generation streamlined GUI and intuitive configuration wizards for simplified network configuration and management. SonicWall TZ 180 firewall lets you secure your network against almost any threat in a single, simple installation. In addition to a powerful hardware firewall and integrated auto-MDIX LAN switch, it provides anti-virus/spyware, intrusion prevention, and content filtering, with automatic updates (subscription required), so you'll always be protected against the latest computer plague. Your network will stay safe from even the most sophisticated attacks and malicious code. The Content Filtering Service allows you to prevent users from wasting valuable work time with multimedia streaming or inappropriate web content. The service uses an enormous database of website ratings and cached material to provide up-to-date monitoring. Content Filtering provides comprehensive logging, and generates reports on user behavior, so companies can make adjust employee time management and bandwidth use. SonicWall Global VPN Client gives mobile users secure access to the company network from the field, through your choice of connection. It includes VoIP gatekeeper support, outbound bandwidth management, and call tracking. All of the features work together to keep your office secure. It's never been easier or more economical to secure your company's network so thoroughly. Firewall: Recommended Office Size: 25 Nodes Base Hardware: PRO 1260 SonicOS Version: Standard/Upgradeable Content Filtering Edition: Premium Business Policies: 100/500 Denial of Service Attack Protection: 22 classes of DoS, DDoS and scanning attacks Networking: DHCP: Internal server, relay NAT Modes: 1:1, 1:many, many:1, many:many, flexible NAT (overlapping IPs), PAT, transparent mode Policy-based Routing: Routing decisions based on combination of source IP, destination IP, service Authentication: RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP, internal user database User Database: 100/150 Voice over IP: Full H.232v1-5, SIP, gatekeeper support, outbound bandwidth management, call tracking and monitoring System: PortShield Security: 24 security zones Management and Monitoring: Local CLI, Web GUI (HTTP, HTTPS), SNMP v2; Global management with SonicWALL GMS Logging and Reporting: ViewPoint, Local Log and Syslog Failover/Failback: Yes Load Balancing: Yes, with percent-based, round robin and spill-over
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Tags: TZ 180, SonicWall TZ 180, SonicWall, SonicWall, TZ, 180, UTM, , APL17-049, , 101-500160-50, wireless, TotalSecure. TZ, 180, 01-SSC-6095, Designed, as, a, complete, Unified, Threat, Management, (UTM), platform, delivering, business-class, protection, to, small, , remote, and, branch, office, networks, , the, TZ, 180, Series, features, an, integrated, 5-port, auto-sensing, MDIX, switch, and, configurable, optional, port., Exceptionally, fast, Unified, Threat, Management, (UTM)performance, on, networks, running, gateway, anti-virus, , anti-spyware, and, intrusion, prevention, Integrated, 802.11b/g, wireless, LAN, with, WPA2, support, delivers, increased, security, and, flexibility, as, well, as, greater, range, for, wireless, users, Inter-zone, scanning, combines, with, Unified, Threat, Management, protection, to, eliminate, threats, no, matter, where, they, originate—inside, or, outside, the, network, The, TZ, 180, delivers, twice, the, UTM, scanning, speed, as, the, TZ, 170, and, provides, compelling, new, features, such, as, a, security, dashboard, for, real-time, threat, monitoring, and, WPA2, support, UNIFIED, THREAT, MANAGEMENT The, SonicWALL, TZ, 180, TotalSecure, 25, is, a, complete, Unified, Threat, Management, (UTM), platform, that, combines, IPSec, VPN, technology, with, dynamically, updated, gateway, anti-virus, , anti-spyware, , intrusion, prevention, , content, filtering, and, enforced, desktop, anti-virus, capabilities, , delivering, reliable, layered, protection, against, application, and, network, threats., POWERFUL, PERFORMANCE, Powered, by, advanced, security, processor, , the, SonicWALL, TZ, 180, TotalSecure, 25, delivers, a, speedy, Stateful, Packet, Inspection, Firewall, throughput, of, up, to, 90, Mbps, and, 10Mbps, deep, packet, inspection, throughput, for, powerful, performance., OPTIONAL, PORT The, optional, port, can, be, configured, as, an, additional, LAN, , WAN, , WLAN, or, DMZ, , so, you, can, create, another, subnet, or, a, transparent, gateway, to, the, Internet, for, network, hosts, such, as, Mail, and, Web, servers., EASY, TO, USE, AND, MANAGE The, SonicWALL, TZ, 180, TotalSecure, 25, features, an, innovative, web-based, management, interface, using, next-generation, streamlined, GUI, and, intuitive, configuration, wizards, for, simplified, network, configuration, and, management. SonicWall, TZ, 180, firewall, lets, you, secure, your, network, against, almost, any, threat, in, a, single, , simple, installation., In, addition, to, a, powerful, hardware, firewall, and, integrated, auto-MDIX, LAN, switch, , it, provides, anti-virus/spyware, , intrusion, prevention, , and, content, filtering, , with, automatic, updates, (subscription, required), , so, you'll, always, be, protected, against, the, latest, computer, plague., Your, network, will, stay, safe, from, even, the, most, sophisticated, attacks, and, malicious, code. The, Content, Filtering, Service, allows, you, to, prevent, users, from, wasting, valuable, work, time, with, multimedia, streaming, or, inappropriate, web, content., The, service, uses, an, enormous, database, of, website, ratings, and, cached, material, to, provide, up-to-date, monitoring., Content, Filtering, provides, comprehensive, logging, , and, generates, reports, on, user, behavior, , so, companies, can, make, adjust, employee, time, management, and, bandwidth, use. SonicWall, Global, VPN, Client, gives, mobile, users, secure, access, to, the, company, network, from, the, field, , through, your, choice, of, connection., It, includes, VoIP, gatekeeper, support, , outbound, bandwidth, management, , and, call, tracking., All, of, the, features, work, together, to, keep, your, office, secure., It's, never, been, easier, or, more, economical, to, secure, your, company's, network, so, thoroughly. Firewall- Recommended, Office, Size-, 25, Nodes, Base, Hardware-, PRO, 1260, SonicOS, Version-, Standard/Upgradeable, Content, Filtering, Edition-, Premium, Business Policies-, 100/500 Denial, of, Service, Attack, Protection-, 22, classes, of, DoS, , DDoS, and, scanning, attacks Networking- DHCP-, Internal, server, , relay, NAT, Modes-, 1-1, , 1-many, , many-1, , many-many, , flexible, NAT, (overlapping, IPs), , PAT, , transparent, mode Policy-based, Routing-, Routing, decisions, based, on, combination, of, source, IP, , destination, IP, , service Authentication-, RADIUS, , Active, Directory, , LDAP, , internal, user, database User, Database-, 100/150 Voice, over, IP-, Full, H.232v1-5, , SIP, , gatekeeper, support, , outbound, bandwidth, management, , call, tracking, and, monitoring System- PortShield, Security-, 24, security, zones, Management, and, Monitoring-, Local, CLI, , Web, GUI, (HTTP, , HTTPS), , SNMP, v2;, Global, management, with, SonicWALL, GMS, Logging, and, Reporting-, ViewPoint, , Local, Log, and, Syslog, Failover/Failback-, Yes Load, Balancing-, Yes, , with, percent-based, , round, robin, and, spill-over