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C881W-A-K9 C881W-A-K9 C881W-A-K9
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: C881W-A-K9
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Cisco C881W-A-K9, CMMEM00BRA 881 Ethernet Security Router with 802.11n FCC Compliant C881W-A-K9 Cisco C881W-A-K9 881W Wireless Integrated Services Router - IEEE 802.11n Marketing Information The Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers combine Internet access, security, voice, and wireless services onto a single, secure device that is simple to use and manage for small businesses and enterprise small branch offices and teleworkers. The Cisco 880 Series delivers features including firewall, content filtering, VPNs, and wireless LANs (WLANs) at broadband speeds to small offices. Easy deployment and centralized management features enable enterprises or service providers to deploy the Cisco 880 Series in small branch offices or small businesses. Interfaces/Ports PoE Port: Yes General Information Product Type: Wireless Integrated Services Router Manufacturer Part Number: C881W-A-K9 Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc Product Model: 881W Product Name: 881W Wireless Integrated Services Router Product Series: 880 Brand Name: Cisco I/O Expansions Miscellaneous Certifications & Standards FCC IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u IEEE 802.11b IEEE 802.11g IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.11i IEEE 802.3ah IEEE 802.3d IEEE 802.3ag IEEE 802.1x ITU G.993.2 ITU G.992.5 ITU G. 992.1 ITU G.992.3 G.994.1 ITU G.hs ETSI Emissions: 47 CFR Part 15: 2006 CISPR22: 2005 EN300386: V1.3.3: 2005 EN55022: 2006 EN61000-3-2: 2000 EN61000-3-3: 1995 ICES-003 Issue 4: 2004 KN 22: 2005 VCCI: V-3/2006.04 Immunity: CISPR24: 1997 EN300386: V1.3.3: 2005 EN50082-1: 1992 EN50082-1: 1997 EN55024: 1998 EN61000-6-1: 2001 Network & Communication Ethernet Technology: Fast Ethernet Physical Characteristics Weight (Approximate): 5.50 lb Form Factor: Desktop Height: 1.7" Width: 12.8" Depth: 10.4" Power Description Input Voltage: 48 V DC Power Source: AC Adapter Storage Management & Protocols Management: Cisco Configuration Professional Telnet MIB Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM) SNMP v3 CLI Web-based Management Telnet VLAN CiscoWorks Cisco Configuration Express Security Features: DES 3DES 128/192/256 bit AES PKI IPSec Zone-based Policy Firewall Stateful Inspection Transparent Firewall RADIUS TACACS+ Content Filtering L2TP NAT ACL Cisco Security Manager SSH Flexible Packet Matching SSL MAC Filtering URL Blocking Keyword Blocking PPPoE Warranty Wireless Specifications Features: MIMO Technology Wireless Security: WPA WPA2 WPA-PSK LEAP EAP-TTLS EAP-FAST EAP-MD5 HREAP PEAP WEP EAP-TLS IEEE 802.11i IEEE 802.1x Wireless Transmission Speed: 54 Mbps Broadband Transmission Technology: Ethernet Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11n ISM Band: Yes UNII Band: No ISM Maximum Frequency: 2.40 GHz Number of Antennas: 3 Antenna Gain: 2 dBi Antenna Type: Dipole Antenna Interfaces/Ports Ethernet Port: Yes Fast Ethernet Port: Yes Gigabit Ethernet Port: No USB: Yes VGA: No Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: 4 Network (RJ-11): No Powerline: No Management Port: Yes Number of Broadband (RJ-45) Ports: 1 Serial: No
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