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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: CISCO881W-GN-A-K9
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Cisco CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, COMBD00BRB 881 Ethernet Sec Router 802.11n FCC Comp CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router The 10/100-Mbps fast Ethernet models of the Cisco 881 Integrated Services Router combines Internet access, security and wireless services onto a single, secure device. This router offers broadband speeds and simplified management to small businesses, and enterprise small branch and teleworkers. The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router is a fixed-configuration router that provides collaborative business solutions for secure voice and data communication to small businesses and enterprise teleworkers. The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router offeres concurrent broadband services over third-generation (3G), Metro Ethernet, and multiple DSL technologies to provide business continuity. Wireless 802.11n and 3G offer LAN and WAN mobility. The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router provides the performance required for concurrent services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and encryption for VPNs; optional 802.11g/n for mobility; and quality-of-service (QoS) features for optimizing voice and video applications. In addition, the web-based Cisco Configuration Professional configuration tool simplifies setup and deployment. Centralized management capabilities give network managers visibility and control of the network configurations at the remote site. High performance for broadband access in small offices and small branch-office and teleworker sites Collaborative services with secure analog, digital voice, and data communication The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router is ideal for small branch offices and teleworkers who need to be connected to larger enterprise networks as well as small businesses. These routers help extend corporate networks to secure remote sites while giving users access to the same applications found in a corporate office. This access applies to both data and voice applications. When users require WLAN access, visibility and control of network security are even more critical at the remote site. The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router meets this need with a single device that combines integrated 802.11g/n capabilities with security features such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), including authentication with IEEE 802.1X with Cisco Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) and Protected EAP (PEAP) and encryption with WPA Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). Service providers and value-added resellers can take advantage of the Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router to provide a true business-class broadband service. Business customers are using broadband access to connect to the Internet or to connect offices together, and they require a platform that incorporates security without sacrificing performance. Many of these customers are connecting computers in offices through WLANs; having a single device for both WAN and WLAN access provides a new option for managed services. These customers also require a higher level of support to keep their networks operational. Services with these customers should be simple to set up, while allowing a level of remote management and troubleshooting to quickly address support inquiries. The Cisco 881 CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 Security Router Series meets the requirements of small offices and managed services providers. Features Business continuity and WAN diversity with redundant WAN links: Fast Ethernet, G.SHDSL, ADSL2/2+, VDSL2, 3G, and ISDN Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) voice continuity for enterprise small branch-office and teleworker sites Enhanced security, including: – Firewall with advance application and control for email, Instant Messaging (IM), and HTTP traffic – Site-to-site remote-access and dynamic VPN services: IP Security (IPsec) VPNs (Triple Data Encryption Standard [3DES] or Advanced Encryption Standard [AES]), Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Group Encrypted Transport VPN with onboard acceleration, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN – Intrusion prevention system (IPS): An inline, deep-packet inspection feature that effectively mitigates a wide range of network attacks – Content filtering: A subscription-based integrated security solution that offers category-based reputation rating; keyword blocking; and protection against adware, malware, spyware, and URL blocking Four-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet managed switch with VLAN support; two ports support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for powering IP phones or external access points Secure 802.11g/n access-point option based on draft 802.11n standard with support for autonomous or Cisco Unified WLAN architectures CON/AUX port for console or external modem One USB 1.1 port for security eToken credentials, booting from USB, and loading configuration
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The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, is, a, fixed-configuration, router, that, provides, collaborative, business, solutions, for, secure, voice, and, data, communication, to, small, businesses, and, enterprise, teleworkers., The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, offeres, concurrent, broadband, services, over, third-generation, (3G), , Metro, Ethernet, , and, multiple, DSL, technologies, to, provide, business, continuity., Wireless, 802.11n, and, 3G, offer, LAN, and, WAN, mobility., The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, provides, the, performance, required, for, concurrent, services, , including, firewall, , intrusion, prevention, , content, filtering, , and, encryption, for, VPNs;, optional, 802.11g/n, for, mobility;, and, quality-of-service, (QoS), features, for, optimizing, voice, and, video, applications., In, addition, , the, web-based, Cisco, Configuration, Professional, configuration, tool, simplifies, setup, and, deployment., Centralized, management, capabilities, give, network, managers, visibility, and, control, of, the, network, configurations, at, the, remote, site. High, performance, for, broadband, access, in, small, offices, and, small, branch-office, and, teleworker, sites Collaborative, services, with, secure, analog, , digital, voice, , and, data, communication The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, is, ideal, for, small, branch, offices, and, teleworkers, who, need, to, be, connected, to, larger, enterprise, networks, as, well, as, small, businesses., These, routers, help, extend, corporate, networks, to, secure, remote, sites, while, giving, users, access, to, the, same, applications, found, in, a, corporate, office., This, access, applies, to, both, data, and, voice, applications., When, users, require, WLAN, access, , visibility, and, control, of, network, security, are, even, more, critical, at, the, remote, site., The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, meets, this, need, with, a, single, device, that, combines, integrated, 802.11g/n, capabilities, with, security, features, such, as, Wi-Fi, Protected, Access, (WPA), , including, authentication, with, IEEE, 802.1X, with, Cisco, Extensible, Authentication, Protocol, (LEAP), and, Protected, EAP, (PEAP), and, encryption, with, WPA, Temporal, Key, Integrity, Protocol, (TKIP). Service, providers, and, value-added, resellers, can, take, advantage, of, the, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, to, provide, a, true, business-class, broadband, service., Business, customers, are, using, broadband, access, to, connect, to, the, Internet, or, to, connect, offices, together, , and, they, require, a, platform, that, incorporates, security, without, sacrificing, performance., Many, of, these, customers, are, connecting, computers, in, offices, through, WLANs;, having, a, single, device, for, both, WAN, and, WLAN, access, provides, a, new, option, for, managed, services., These, customers, also, require, a, higher, level, of, support, to, keep, their, networks, operational., Services, with, these, customers, should, be, simple, to, set, up, , while, allowing, a, level, of, remote, management, and, troubleshooting, to, quickly, address, support, inquiries., The, Cisco, 881, CISCO881W-GN-A-K9, Security, Router, Series, meets, the, requirements, of, small, offices, and, managed, services, providers. Features Business, continuity, and, WAN, diversity, with, redundant, WAN, links-, Fast, Ethernet, , G.SHDSL, , ADSL2/2+, , VDSL2, , 3G, , and, ISDN Survivable, Remote, Site, Telephony, (SRST), voice, continuity, for, enterprise, small, branch-office, and, teleworker, sites Enhanced, security, , including- –, Firewall, with, advance, application, and, control, for, email, , Instant, Messaging, (IM), , and, HTTP, traffic –, Site-to-site, remote-access, and, dynamic, VPN, services-, IP, Security, (IPsec), VPNs, (Triple, Data, Encryption, Standard, [3DES], or, Advanced, Encryption, Standard, [AES]), , Dynamic, Multipoint, VPN, (DMVPN), , Group, Encrypted, Transport, VPN, with, onboard, acceleration, , and, Secure, Sockets, Layer, (SSL), VPN –, Intrusion, prevention, system, (IPS)-, An, inline, , deep-packet, inspection, feature, that, effectively, mitigates, a, wide, range, of, network, attacks –, Content, filtering-, A, subscription-based, integrated, security, solution, that, offers, category-based, reputation, rating;, keyword, blocking;, and, protection, against, adware, , malware, , spyware, , and, URL, blocking Four-port, 10/100, Fast, Ethernet, managed, switch, with, VLAN, support;, two, ports, support, Power, over, Ethernet, (PoE), for, powering, IP, phones, or, external, access, points Secure, 802.11g/n, access-point, option, based, on, draft, 802.11n, standard, with, support, for, autonomous, or, Cisco, Unified, WLAN, architectures CON/AUX, port, for, console, or, external, modem One, USB, 1.1, port, for, security, eToken, credentials, , booting, from, USB, , and, loading, configuration