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Brand: RAD
Product Code: RICI-16T1
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Price: $995.00
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RAD RICI-16T1, RICI-16T1_TLS, 4980100000 Fast Ethernet over 16 x T1 network termination unit Transparent LAN Services RICI-16T1 4980100000 RICi-16 is a Network Termination Unit (NTU) connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over 16 bonded T1 circuits. The RICi-16 enables service providers to supply high capacity Ethernet services to remote locations, and can be used to transparently connect corporate LANs over existing T1 lines. The bonding function of the RAD RICi-16T1 creates a scalable, virtual large pipe comprised of up to sixteen T1 lines bonded together. The device uses the standard encapsulation and bonding protocols; Generic Framing Protocol (GFP), Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS). This is a physical layer set of protocols, therefore it enables predictable bandwidth, and transport of any layer 2 or layer 3 traffic simplifying service provisioning. Using the above protocols, the device enables interoperability with third party devices. RICi-16T1 Key Features: Bond up to16 T1 ports utilizing GFP (G.8040) and VCAT (G.7043) • VLAN tagging, stacking and striping separates fully Ethernet user traffic from management data • Local and remote inband management • Monitoring and diagnostic tools on TDM and Ethernet ports for quick fault isolation • Fault Propagation of T1 error conditions to Ethernet port.
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Tags: RICI-16T1, RAD RICI-16T1, RICI16T1, RAD, RAD, RICI-16T1, , RICI-16T1_TLS, , 4980100000, Fast, Ethernet, over, 16, x, T1, network, termination, unit, Transparent, LAN, Services RICI-16T1 4980100000 RICi-16, is, a, Network, Termination, Unit, (NTU), connecting, Fast, Ethernet, LANs, over, 16, bonded, T1, circuits., The, RICi-16, enables, service, providers, to, supply, high, capacity, Ethernet, services, to, remote, locations, , and, can, be, used, to, transparently, connect, corporate, LANs, over, existing, T1, lines., The, bonding, function, of, the, RAD, RICi-16T1, creates, a, scalable, , virtual, large, pipe, comprised, of, up, to, sixteen, T1, lines, bonded, together., The, device, uses, the, standard, encapsulation, and, bonding, protocols;, Generic, Framing, Protocol, (GFP), , Virtual, Concatenation, (VCAT), , and, Link, Capacity, Adjustment, Scheme, (LCAS)., This, is, a, physical, layer, set, of, protocols, , therefore, it, enables, predictable, bandwidth, , and, transport, of, any, layer, 2, or, layer, 3, traffic, simplifying, service, provisioning., Using, the, above, protocols, , the, device, enables, interoperability, with, third, party, devices., RICi-16T1, Key, Features- Bond, up, to16, T1, ports, utilizing, GFP, (G.8040), and, VCAT, (G.7043) •, VLAN, tagging, , stacking, and, striping, separates, fully, Ethernet, user, traffic, from management, data •, Local, and, remote, inband, management •, Monitoring, and, diagnostic, tools, on, TDM, and, Ethernet, ports, for, quick, fault, isolation •, Fault, Propagation, of, T1, error, conditions, to, Ethernet, port.