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Brand: Linksys
Product Code: SRW208P
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $125.00
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Cisco/Linksys SRW208P 8-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch with WebView and POE (Power over Ethernet) Includes 8x 10/100 RJ-45 ports and 2 10/100/1000 RJ-45 ports and 2 shared MiniGBIC slots. SRW208P FEATURES: A versatile switch from Linksys, with 8 RJ-45 ports operating at 10/100 Mbps and two ports operating at 10/100/1000 Mbps(ports 9 and 10 are shared with the two mini-GBIC transceiver slots), two mini-GBIC (GigaBit Interface Converter) slots (for fast interconnection with other switches even at longer distances), a dedicated console port, and 5.6 Gbps total switching capacity. It also offers VLAN support (256 active IDs in a 4096 address space), and PoE (Power over Ethernet), allowing 15.4 watts on four connections, or up to 7.5 watts on all eight of the 10/100 Mbps connections. It operates as a 10/100/1000 Mbps switch and administration is via an easy to use browser-based interface or the dedicated console connection. POE SUPPORT The SRW208P supports the IEEE802.3af standard for Power over Ethernet (PoE) with automatic load sensing power control to provide up to 4 ports at 15.4W or 8 ports at 7.5W output capacity. PoE benefits more flexible wireless or VoIP deployments, releasing client devices that support PoE from power supply consideration. GIGABIT NETWORK CONNECTION The LINKSYS SRW208P features dual gigabit uplinks for increased bandwidth and redundancy. WEB-BASED MANAGEMENT Configuration and monitoring from a standard web browser with WebView management enables you to better utilize the comprehensive feature set of the switch, resulting in an optimized, more secure network. NETWORK SECURITY The SRW208P secures the network through 802.1X port authentication and MAC Filtering. 802.1X requires client to authenticate themselves before the port passes data. ADVANCED QOS MANAGEMENT Advance QoS management, enabled by advanced queuing techniques using 802.1p, optimizes your networked applications including voice, video and data storage.
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Tags: SRW208P, Linksys SRW208P, Linksys, Cisco/Linksys, SRW208P, 8-port, 10/100, Ethernet, Switch, with WebView, and, POE, (Power, over, Ethernet), Includes, 8x, 10/100, RJ-45, ports, and, 2, 10/100/1000, RJ-45, ports, and, 2, shared, MiniGBIC, slots., SRW208P FEATURES- A, versatile, switch, from, Linksys, , with, 8, RJ-45, ports, operating, at, 10/100, Mbps, and, two, ports, operating, at, 10/100/1000, Mbps(ports, 9, and, 10, are, shared, with, the, two, mini-GBIC, transceiver, slots), , two, mini-GBIC, (GigaBit, Interface, Converter), slots, (for, fast, interconnection, with, other, switches, even, at, longer, distances), , a, dedicated, console, port, , and, 5.6, Gbps, total, switching, capacity., It, also, offers, VLAN, support, (256, active, IDs, in, a, 4096, address, space), , and, PoE, (Power, over, Ethernet), , allowing, 15.4, watts, on, four, connections, , or, up, to, 7.5, watts, on, all, eight, of, the, 10/100, Mbps, connections., It, operates, as, a, 10/100/1000, Mbps, switch, and, administration, is, via, an, easy, to, use, browser-based, interface, or, the, dedicated, console, connection., POE, SUPPORT The, SRW208P, supports, the, IEEE802.3af, standard, for, Power, over, Ethernet, (PoE), with, automatic, load, sensing, power, control, to, provide, up, to, 4, ports, at, 15.4W, or, 8, ports, at, 7.5W, output, capacity., PoE, benefits, more, flexible, wireless, or, VoIP, deployments, , releasing, client, devices, that, support, PoE, from, power, supply, consideration. GIGABIT, NETWORK, CONNECTION, The, LINKSYS, SRW208P, features, dual, gigabit, uplinks, for, increased, bandwidth, and, redundancy., WEB-BASED, MANAGEMENT, Configuration, and, monitoring, from, a, standard, web, browser, with, WebView, management, enables, you, to, better, utilize, the, comprehensive, feature, set, of, the, switch, , resulting, in, an, optimized, , more, secure, network. NETWORK, SECURITY, The, SRW208P, secures, the, network, through, 802.1X, port, authentication, and, MAC, Filtering., 802.1X, requires, client, to, authenticate, themselves, before, the, port, passes, data. ADVANCED, QOS, MANAGEMENT, Advance, QoS, management, , enabled, by, advanced, queuing, techniques, using, 802.1p, , optimizes, your, networked, applications, including, voice, , video, and, data, storage.