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Magnum 6K8

Magnum 6K8
Magnum 6K8 Magnum 6K8 Magnum 6K8
Brand: GarrettCom
Product Code: Magnum 6K8
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $195.00
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Garrettcom Magnum 6K8 w/ 1-6KP8V-45MT 8-Port Ethernet Managed Field Switch

-Industrial Ethernet Field Switch for heavy duty applications
-"Big Switch" managed networks software in small Field Switch package
-All port types, including 100 Mb, 10 Mb, Gigabit, fiber, copper, PoE; up to 8 ports
-Advanced thermal design with metal case used as a heat sink (no fans)
-Wide selection of fiber ports, features Small Form Factor (SFF) connectors, both MT-RJ and LC
-Power input choices include -48VDC, 24VDC, 125VDC, dual source, or worldwide AC; DIN-Rail mountable
-Meets IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 Environmental Standard for Electric Power Substations
-Relay contacts provided for external "Alarm" monitoring of internal power, and of selected software operations
-Component Parts temperature rated for –40° to 60°C long term, Type Tested for –50°C to 95°C short term
-High-performance switching, non-blocking on all ports, 802.1p QoS, ToS, DiffServ
-Comprehensive Magnum MNS-6K software includes: RMON, SNMP, Telnet, IGMP, VLANs (Port-based and Tag-based), GVRP, Port-mirroring, CLI, Secure Web Management, Password Security, Port Security, SNTP, Event Log, BootP, DHCP
-IGMP Snooping with Multicast Message Filtering or Pruning
-Manages redundant rings with the S-Ring™ software product, including gigabit ring structures, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and RSTP
-Supports Link-Loss-Learn™ (LLL) feature for fast ring recovery as a ring member
-Conformal Coating, choice of light duty (5 mil) for humidity and heavy duty (8 mil) for corrosive environments.
-Companion product to the 6K16V and 6K25 which are NEBS Level 3 and ETSI Certified
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