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76-ES+XC-20G3C 76-ES+XC-20G3C 76-ES+XC-20G3C
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: 76-ES+XC-20G3C
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Cisco 76-ES+XC-20G3C, 7600 ES+XC, LAN/WAN PHY, OTN/G.709, Combo 10x1GE/ 1x10GE, DFC3C

Chassis compatibility:
All Cisco 7600 Series Router chassis, except the Cisco 7603, which has reached end of sale/end of life. The Cisco 7603-S is fully supported.
Central forwarding engine compatibility:
Cisco Supervisor Engine 720-3B, 720-3BXL, Route Switch Processor 720 (RSP720) 3C/3CXL and RSP720-10GE 3C/3CXL.
The ES Plus line cards require dual-channel switch fabric connectivity; therefore, they are not supported with the Supervisor Engine 32 or in slots 1 through 8 of the Cisco 7613 chassis.

The Cisco ® 7600 Series Ethernet Services Plus Extended Combination (ES Plus XC) line cards are designed for interface-flexible Ethernet services. They allow service prioritization for voice, video, data, and wireless mobility services and can connect to LAN, WAN, and Optical Transport Network Physical Layer (OTN PHY) interfaces as well as Gigabit Ethernet ports on the same physical line card. This unique form factor allows for configurations with redundant network-to-network 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to reside on separate line card slots for resiliency, while offering user-to-network Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on the same slots for efficiency. Service providers and enterprises benefit from the efficiency gains in power consumption, optimized service scale, and feature capability as well as the flexibility in interface speeds for Ethernet solutions.

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