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AMX5010 AMX5010 AMX5010
Brand: Avocent
Product Code: AMX5010
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: $750.00
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Avocent AMX5010, 520-288-001 AMX 5010 Digital KVM Switch AMX5010
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Tags: AMX5010, Avocent AMX5010, Avocent, Avocent, AMX5010, , 520-288-001, AMX, 5010, Digital, KVM, Switch AMX5010 Avocent, AMX5010 The, Avocent, AMX5010, 16-User, by, 64-Port, analog, KVM, switch, provides, end-to-end, Cat5, based, multi-user, access, and, control, to, any, computer, in, your, network., The, AMX, Cat5, based, KVM, switch, architecture, as, a, whole, includes, the, AMX5010, matrix, KVM, switch, , the, AMIQ, Cat5, Server, Interface, Module, , the, AMX5110, and/or, AMX5120, user, stations, and, the, bundled, AMWorks, Java-based, administrative, software, management, tool., The, UTP, enabled, connectivity, and, analog, KVM, switching, technology, will, allow, multi-user, access, and, full, KVM, connectivity, to, any, variety, of, computer, platforms, in, your, data, center, -, PS2, , USB, , SUN, or, Serial., The, scalable, approach, with, implementing, the, Avocent, AMX, Cat5, solution, permits, users, to, add, computers, or, devices, with, ease, as, data, centers, evolve, with, time. Avocent's, next, generation, AMX5010, is, a, 16x64, analog, matrix, switching, solution, that, provides, unmatched, advancements, in, increased, access, and, efficient, scalability., The, powerful, Avocent, AMX5010, solution, increases, the, number, of, users, with, simultaneous, access, and, provides, access, to, all, major, server, platforms, and, serial, devices., Avocent's, advanced, AMWorks, software, is, also, included, with, the, Avocent, AMX5010, switch, for, central, administration.