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Brand: Ameritec
Product Code: AM2S-A
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $495.00
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Ameritec AM2S-A The AM2 Squirt has the flexibility to serve a wide range of Computer Telephony Integration testing requirements as well as traditional switch and network testing applications. Whether your application calls for a single inter-face, or multiple physical interfaces, the AM2 Squirt family of products provides a configuration that will meet or exceed testing demands.
Provides line interfaces for 16 to 64 analog lines expandable in 16 line increments
Interface Options: Loop Start, 2-wire (optional Ground Start); Pulse, DTMF, MF R1 & MF R2 dialing; 900 ohm impedance (optional 600 ohm impedance); Optional 12/16 kHz Meter Pulse Detection, Caller ID / ADSI and Voice over Packet
Includes FeatureCall GUI, a Windows based graphical user interface
Squirt family has the flexibility to suit development, production, quality assurance or regression test needs
Test configurations can be developed by chaining up to fifteen units together and controlling them via a single RS232 port, or up to 32 units can be controlled via an Ethernet LAN
The actions of each simulated subscriber are independently controlled through unique parameter fields defined in user programmed Call Scripts
The Scripts define calling patterns and can simulate practically any action a live caller can perform. Scripts can also simulate multiple subscribers allowing testing of multiple-party calls such as conference calling
Central Office or PBX Switches and Network
Voice Over Packet Systems
Intelligent Network ( IN ) Applications
Voice Mail Systems
Computer Telephony Integration ( CTI ) systems and applications
Automatic Call Distribution ( ACD ) systems
Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) systems
Paging Systems, etc.
Reference: AM2S-A Analog Bulk Call Generator (pdf)
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