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N5k-C56128P N5k-C56128P N5k-C56128P
Brand: Cisco
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Cisco N5k-C56128P, CMMNN10ARA Nexus 56128P 2RU, 48x 10G SFP+, 6 x 40G QSFP+ Fixed Ports
This unit is New in the original box. The cardboard is a little rough since it has been shipped.
1x N56-M24UP2Q - Nexus 56128P Expansion Module, 24x 10G SFP+ UP, 2 x QSFP+ fixed ports
2x NXA-PAC-1100W - Cisco Nexus 6001/5600 Platinum PSU Front-to-Back Airflow module spare, A/C, 100-240V, 1100W
2x QSFP-4X10G-AC7M - Cisco 40GBASE-CR4 QSFP+ to 4 10GBASE-CU SFP+ direct-attach breakout cable, 7-meter, active
Cisco Nexus 56128P Switch: The Cisco Nexus 56128P is a 2RU switch that supports 2.56 Tbps of bandwidth across 48 fixed 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports, and four 40-Gbps QSFP+ ports. The 48 ports on the base chassis support 10 Gigabit Ethernet and FCoE. The 4 QSFP ports support 40 Gigabit ethernet and FCoE.
The Cisco Nexus 56128P also offers two slots for a Generic Expansion Modules (GEM). The GEM for the Cisco Nexus 56128P provides 24 ports 10G Ethernet/FCoE or 2/4/8G Fibre Channel and 2 ports 40 Gigabit QSFP+ Ethernet/FCoE ports. The expansion module supports native 40 Gigabit Ethernet on the QSFP+ ports. The expansion module is supported on the Cisco Nexus 56128P chassis only and can be populated in either of the two expansion slots.
The Cisco Nexus 56128P is VXLAN ready, with VXLAN support in bridging and routing modes on all ports at line rate, enabling the migration of virtual machines between servers across Layer 3 networks.

With the Cisco Nexus 5600 platform, organizations can quickly and easily upgrade existing data centers through advanced optics that enable the use of existing 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber (a pair of multimode fiber strands) to carry 40 Gigabit Ethernet to the aggregation layer or to the spine (in a leaf-and-spine configuration). Additionally, the platform can be deployed in MoR or end-of-row (EoR) configurations to meet the 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity requirements of multiple racks or pods.

Features and Benefits:
The following are some of the primary features of the Cisco Nexus 5600 platform switches:

- Optimization for virtualization and cloud deployments: Today, high-performance servers deployed in the cloud can support many more virtual machines and workloads than ever before. The requirement to deploy new servers on demand puts additional strain on the network fabric. The Cisco Nexus 5600 platform switches address this challenge by providing scalability and performance, making it an excellent platform for meeting current and future needs.
- Density and resilience: Built for today’s data centers, the switches are designed just like the servers they support. Ports and power connections are at the rear, close to server ports, helping keep cable lengths as short as possible and delivering to rack servers benefits traditionally offered only on blade servers. Hot-swappable power and fan modules can be accessed from the front panel, where status lights offer an at-a-glance view of switch operation. Front-to-back or back-to-front cooling is consistent with server designs, supporting efficient data center hot- and cold-aisle designs. Serviceability is enhanced with all customer-replaceable units accessible from the front panel.
- Energy efficiency: The Cisco Nexus 5600 platform switches help data centers operate within their space, power, and cooling parameters while reducing their carbon footprints. The switch power supplies are also capable of maintaining 90 percent efficiency at load conditions of as low as 25 percent utilization. This capability allows the switch to make efficient use of power while still being appropriately sized to support the conditions of a full system load.
- Low latency: Cut-through switching enables these switches to support approximately 1 microsecond of port-to-port latency for any packet size with features enabled.
- Intelligent Cisco Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) and Encapsulated SPAN (ERSPAN): SPAN and ERSPAN can be used for troubleshooting and robust monitoring of traffic. The SPAN and ERSPAN capabilities are nondisruptive, with only extra bandwidth capacity used for SPAN and ERSPAN traffic. Enhancements include more efficient allocation of bandwidth to SPAN and ERSPAN traffic whereby any fabric bandwidth not used for data traffic can be allocated to SPAN or ERSPAN traffic. The switch can support up to 31 line-rate SPAN and ERSPAN sessions.
- Flexible buffer management: The Cisco 5600 platform switches support a 25-MB packet buffer shared by every 3 ports of 40 Gigabit Ethernet or every 12 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The flexible buffer management capability allows for dynamic tuning of the shared and dedicated buffer size in the event of congestion.
- Multicast enhancements: Line-rate Layer 2 and 3 multicast throughput for all frame sizes is also supported on these switches. They offer optimized multicast replication through the fabric and at the egress point. Support is provided for 32,000 multicast routes and for Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping tables in hardware. Multicast enhancements include flow-based hashing for multicast traffic over a PortChannel and enhanced Bidirectional Protocol-Independent Multicast (Bidir-PIM) support. The switch also supports IP-based forwarding for IGMP snooping.
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The, Cisco, Nexus, 56128P, also, offers, two, slots, for, a, Generic, Expansion, Modules, (GEM)., The, GEM, for, the, Cisco, Nexus, 56128P, provides, 24, ports, 10G, Ethernet/FCoE, or, 2/4/8G, Fibre, Channel, and, 2, ports, 40, Gigabit, QSFP+, Ethernet/FCoE, ports., The, expansion, module, supports, native, 40, Gigabit, Ethernet, on, the, QSFP+, ports., The, expansion, module, is, supported, on, the, Cisco, Nexus, 56128P, chassis, only, and, can, be, populated, in, either, of, the, two, expansion, slots. The, Cisco, Nexus, 56128P, is, VXLAN, ready, , with, VXLAN, support, in, bridging, and, routing, modes, on, all, ports, at, line, rate, , enabling, the, migration, of, virtual, machines, between, servers, across, Layer, 3, networks. With, the, Cisco, Nexus, 5600, platform, , organizations, can, quickly, and, easily, upgrade, existing, data, centers, through, advanced, optics, that, enable, the, use, of, existing, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet, fiber, (a, pair, of, multimode, fiber, strands), to, carry, 40, Gigabit, Ethernet, to, the, aggregation, layer, or, to, the, spine, (in, a, leaf-and-spine, configuration)., Additionally, , the, platform, can, be, deployed, in, MoR, or, end-of-row, (EoR), configurations, to, meet, the, 10, and, 40, Gigabit, Ethernet, connectivity, requirements, of, multiple, racks, or, pods. Features, and, Benefits- The, following, are, some, of, the, primary, features, of, the, Cisco, Nexus, 5600, platform, switches- -, Optimization, for, virtualization, and, cloud, deployments-, Today, , high-performance, servers, deployed, in, the, cloud, can, support, many, more, virtual, machines, and, workloads, than, ever, before., The, requirement, to, deploy, new, servers, on, demand, puts, additional, strain, on, the, network, fabric., The, Cisco, Nexus, 5600, platform, switches, address, this, challenge, by, providing, scalability, and, performance, , making, it, an, excellent, platform, for, meeting, current, and, future, needs. -, Density, and, resilience-, Built, for, today’s, data, centers, , the, switches, are, designed, just, like, the, servers, they, support., Ports, and, power, connections, are, at, the, rear, , close, to, server, ports, , helping, keep, cable, lengths, as, short, as, possible, and, delivering, to, rack, servers, benefits, traditionally, offered, only, on, blade, servers., Hot-swappable, power, and, fan, modules, can, be, accessed, from, the, front, panel, , where, status, lights, offer, an, at-a-glance, view, of, switch, operation., Front-to-back, or, back-to-front, cooling, is, consistent, with, server, designs, , supporting, efficient, data, center, hot-, and, cold-aisle, designs., Serviceability, is, enhanced, with, all, customer-replaceable, units, accessible, from, the, front, panel. -, Energy, efficiency-, The, Cisco, Nexus, 5600, platform, switches, help, data, centers, operate, within, their, space, , power, , and, cooling, parameters, while, reducing, their, carbon, footprints., The, switch, power, supplies, are, also, capable, of, maintaining, 90, percent, efficiency, at, load, conditions, of, as, low, as, 25, percent, utilization., This, capability, allows, the, switch, to, make, efficient, use, of, power, while, still, being, appropriately, sized, to, support, the, conditions, of, a, full, system, load. -, Low, latency-, Cut-through, switching, enables, these, switches, to, support, approximately, 1, microsecond, of, port-to-port, latency, for, any, packet, size, with, features, enabled. -, Intelligent, Cisco, Switched, Port, Analyzer, (SPAN), and, Encapsulated, SPAN, (ERSPAN)-, SPAN, and, ERSPAN, can, be, used, for, troubleshooting, and, robust, monitoring, of, traffic., The, SPAN, and, ERSPAN, capabilities, are, nondisruptive, , with, only, extra, bandwidth, capacity, used, for, SPAN, and, ERSPAN, traffic., Enhancements, include, more, efficient, allocation, of, bandwidth, to, SPAN, and, ERSPAN, traffic, whereby, any, fabric, bandwidth, not, used, for, data, traffic, can, be, allocated, to, SPAN, or, ERSPAN, traffic., The, switch, can, support, up, to, 31, line-rate, SPAN, and, ERSPAN, sessions. -, Flexible, buffer, management-, The, Cisco, 5600, platform, switches, support, a, 25-MB, packet, buffer, shared, by, every, 3, ports, of, 40, Gigabit, Ethernet, or, every, 12, ports, of, 10, Gigabit, Ethernet., The, flexible, buffer, management, capability, allows, for, dynamic, tuning, of, the, shared, and, dedicated, buffer, size, in, the, event, of, congestion. -, Multicast, enhancements-, Line-rate, Layer, 2, and, 3, multicast, throughput, for, all, frame, sizes, is, also, supported, on, these, switches., They, offer, optimized, multicast, replication, through, the, fabric, and, at, the, egress, point., Support, is, provided, for, 32, 000, multicast, routes, and, for, Internet, Group, Management, Protocol, (IGMP), snooping, tables, in, hardware., Multicast, enhancements, include, flow-based, hashing, for, multicast, traffic, over, a, PortChannel, and, enhanced, Bidirectional, Protocol-Independent, Multicast, (Bidir-PIM), support., The, switch, also, supports, IP-based, forwarding, for, IGMP, snooping.