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Z4425A Z4425A Z4425A
Brand: Agilent
Product Code: Z4425A
Availability: 1
Condition: NOB (Unused Surplus Open Box)
Condition: NOB (Unused Surplus Open Box)
Price: $250.00
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AGILENT Z4425A local wide area network analyzer
J2307A LAN Token Ring undercradle
The Agilent J2307A undercradle adds comprehensive 4/16Mbps Token Ring testing capability to the J3446C/D/E LAN Advisor and J2300C/D/E WAN Advisor Mainframe. The high-performance analyzer receives and decodes all frames on the network and can transmit any standard or user-defined Token Ring frame up to maximum Token Ring line rates. Many of the performance analysis measurements, decodes, protocol analysis, expert measurements and traffic generation can run simultaneously in real time to maximize your ability to diagnose and troubleshoot Token Ring networks. Whether you are troubleshooting a production network or designing and optimizing a test network, the Token Ring Advisor provides you with the tools to do the job effectively and with minimal effort.
J2524A FDDI Under Cradle
The Agilent J2524A provides comprehensive FDDI testing capability for the Agilent Advisor. The Agilent Advisor is a portable, full-featured network-analysis solution that allows users to install, support and maintain local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks by providing features that makes troubleshooting any network segment quick and easy.
This interface is suitable for plugging into the J2300C/D Advisor mainframe and the J2900A High Speed undercradle. The J2298B has RJ-48C connectors. These modules handle cell and frame-based technologies, i.e. ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, HDLC, X.25, PPP, and BERT. These interfaces do not support Frame Relay CIR and SLA measurements.
Operator's / Maintenance Manual
All Software, Cables and adaptors

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