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DSR4010 DSR4010 DSR4010
Brand: Avocent
Product Code: DSR4010
Availability: 2
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $395.00
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Avocent DSR4010 - KVM switch - 16 ports - 4D with Local- rack-mountable

This KVM switch, the Avocent DSR4010 is 1U rack-mount device offering connections to up to 16 servers per unit. Avocent have made it possible to connect existing legacy Avocent KVM switches from their Outlook and Autoview ranges to the DSR device, allowing up to 24 servers to be connected to each port. Servers and network appliances are connected to the switch using Avocent's DSRIQ modules, which are available for serial devices and servers (modules are also available for Sun systems). The DSRIQ modules provide whatever signal conversions are needed between the connected devices and the switch.

This allows Avocent to use any port for any of the supported connection types. The device is set up using a serial VT100 connection to make the preliminary configuration, and network speeds, IP addresses and subnet masks, SNMP details and security parameters can be set. After setup, the device can be administered through a local port using Avocent's graphical OSCAR system, which provides monitoring and control facilities and configuration options for any cascaded devices attached to the switch. It is possible to monitor and disconnect remote users, and OSCAR has a broadcast feature that enables keystroke sequences to be sent to connected servers simultaneously.

Remote switching is handled by the DSView software, which has three components, DSAuthentication, DSAdmin and DSView. These provide authentication, administration and remote control facilities. The DSAuthentication Service can only be installed on an NTFS partition, and requires Windows NT4 or better to run. This service, administered by the DSAdmin software, controls access to the servers and devices attached to the DSR4010 devices by referring to user permission lists to determine appropriate access. DSR devices can be added to the administration data, and the DSAuthentication service can be installed on a second server to provide a backup.
Features and Benefits
The ability to conduct local and IP sessions in a single KVM switch
Grows with your expanding IT environment -- provides control of an unlimited number of servers
1U design optimizes your valuable rack space
"Smart" DSRIQ CAT 5 cable reduces bulk in the rack; assigns and retains server names
Designed to accommodate high-density installations
Supports all major server platforms and VT100 serial-based devices
Flash-upgradeable for future firmware compatibility
The patented OSCAR® on-screen graphical user interface provides local access at the rack
Works with Avocent DS management software for secure, centralized control of all connected devices:
DSView® software to access all devices via a standard IP connection
DSWebview for browser-based remote access to devices
DSAdmin to create and configure your network access environment
DSAuth for user authentication/permissions, topology and per-device contact information
Eliminates distance limitations. Gives you the power to control when, where and how you manage your system.
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