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FMG-1000C FMG-1000C FMG-1000C
Brand: Fortinet
Product Code: FMG-1000C
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $3,495.00
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Fortinet FMG-1000C, FortiManager-1000C Appliance Centralized Management for Fortinet Security Networks
Manages up to 800 Network Devices and up to 25,000 FortiClient agents
Centralized management appliances simplify policy-based provisioning, configuration, and update management in mid-enterprise networks. FortiManager consolidates the management of your FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, FortiMail™ and FortiAnalyzer™ appliances and virtual appliances, as well as FortiClient™ endpoint security agents. Easily manage hundreds of devices and thousands of endpoint security agents in your mid-to-large size enterprise or service provider environment.

FortiManager-1000C Features & Benefits
Easy centralized configuration, policy-based provisioning, update management and end-to-end network monitoring for your Fortinet installation
Control and configure up to 800 devices and virtual domains (VDOMs) and up to 25,000 FortiClient agents from a single interface
Use administrative domains (ADOMs) to simplify and segregate management of devices and agents within geographic or functional management groups
Reduce your administrative burden and operational costs with fast device and agent provisioning, detailed revision tracking, and thorough auditing capabilities
Easily manage VPN policy and configuration while leveraging FortiManager as a local distribution point for software and policy updates
Integrates seamlessly with FortiAnalyzer appliances to provide in-depth discovery, analysis, prioritization and reporting of network security events
0/100/1000 Ethernet: 4
10/100 Ethernet: 0
Base System Storage Cap.: 1TB
Admin. Domain / Max: 50 / 100
Admin. Web Portal Users (Max.): 50
Local Hosted Security Content: AV, IPS, VM, WF, AS
Network Devices (Max.): 800
FortiClient Devices: 25,000
High Availability Support: Yes
Redundant Power: No

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