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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: CISCO7603
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Cisco CISCO7603, IPMM900BRA 3-slot chassis with FAN-MOD-3HS and Rack mounts. NO Power Included

The Cisco 7600 Series is the industry's only edge router that delivers robust, high performance IP/MPLS features for a range of service provider edge and enterprise MAN/WAN applications. Coupled with the broadest set of interfaces and innovative adaptive network processing technology the Cisco 7600 leads the industry with integrated Ethernet, private line and subscriber aggregation capabilities. The Cisco 7600 Series is a natural evolution for existing Cisco 7500 Series customers–with Cisco IOS feature parity and FlexWAN support for existing Cisco 7200/7500 Series port adapters

The Cisco 7603 Router features 240 Gbps of switching capacity in a 3-slot, 40 Gigabit/slot configuration with a very compact form factor – fitting up to 11 units in a single rack – delivering the needed capacity to power robust edge services for IP/MPLS networks. This NEBS-compliant system delivers 30 Mpps centralized processing coupled with distributed processing for line-rate 10 & 1 Gigabit Ethernet services.

Cisco 7603 Chassis Features
• Four RU (7-inch) compact chassis, up to 11 chassis per 7-foot rack
• Two interface slots plus two supervisor-mounted Gigabit Ethernet ports (gigabit interface converters [GBICs])
• Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3 compliance
• 1+1 route processor protection capability
• 1+1 power supply protection option, AC or DC
• Single-side connection management for both interface and power terminations
• Side-to-side airflow
Cisco 7603 System Features
• Hardware-based Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) at 15 Mpps (CEF, access control lists [ACLs]), classification, shaping, filtering, marking, etc.)
• 32-Gbps total throughput
• Up to 16-Gbps capacity per slot
• Interface flexibility for packet over SONET (POS), Channelized optical, Ethernet, and ATM connectivity
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