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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: CISCO7609-S
Availability: 3
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $400.00
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CISCO7609-S Spare Cisco 7609/CISCO7609-S enhanced service-provider chassis (includes redundant tiered-speed fan trays, cable management tray with standard and extended depth inserts, and mounting kit)
Dual FAN-MOD-9SHS Fan Tray
Cable Managment Guide
Rack Mount ears.

The Cisco ® 7609-S Router is a high-performance router deployed at the network edge, where performance, IP services, redundancy, and fault resiliency are critical. It enables Carrier Ethernet service providers to deploy an advanced network infrastructure that supports a range of IP video and triple-play (voice, video, and data) system applications in both the residential and business services markets. The Cisco 7609-S enables enterprises to deploy advanced WAN and metropolitan-area network (MAN) networking solutions necessary to succeed in demanding, high-traffic environments.
Providing the foundation for a powerful combination of speed and services, the 9-slot Cisco 7609-S Router is an outstanding choice for multiple applications. Whether deployed as a high-speed WAN aggregator, as a device for peering, as a residential broadband services aggregator, or as a device for Metro Ethernet aggregation and uplink, the Cisco 7609-S meets requirements for redundancy, high availability, and rack density. In the point-of-presence (POP) service provider edge or the metropolitan network edge, the Cisco 7609-S sets new standards as part of the industry-leading Cisco 7600 Series Routers
The flexible Cisco 7609-S Router is ideal for addressing high-performance applications such as:
• High-end customer premises equipment (CPE)
• Leased line
• IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) provider edge
• Metro Ethernet access
• Enterprise WAN aggregation
• Mobile Radio Access Network (RAN) aggregation
• Residential subscriber aggregation
Feature Summary
Cisco 7609-S Chassis Features
• Twenty-one rack units (RUs) (36.75 in. [93.3 cm]) high, up to 2 chassis per 7-foot rack
• Nine configurable interface slots
• Route processor, switch fabric, and power supply protection capability: 1 + 1
• Tiered-speed fan design (standard): 1 + 1
• Cable management tray options for fiber and coaxial and dense 10/100 cable configurations
• Single-side connection management for both interface and power terminations
• Front-to-back airflow
Cisco 7609-S System Features
• Total throughput: 720 Gbps
• Up to 400-Mpps distributed forward rate (requires distributed forwarding cards [DFCs])
Cisco 7609-S Technical Specifications
• Nine-slot chassis
• Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) Level 3 compliance
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 36.75 x 17.2 x 20.7 in. (93.3 x 43.1 x 53.3 cm)
• Power requirements:
– -208 to 240 VAC (recommended)
– -48 to -60 VDC (4000 WAC supplies require 30A input circuits)
• Weight: 121 lb (54.9 kg; chassis only); 270 lb (122.5 kg; full configuration)
• Predicted Mean time between failure (MTBF): 448,000 hours
• Environmental conditions:
– Operating temperature: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
– Storage temperature: -4 to 149°F (-20 to 65°C)
– Relative humidity, operating: 10 to 85%, noncondensing
– Relative humidity, storage: 5 to 95%, noncondensing
– Operating altitude: -500 to 6500 ft
• Minimum software release: Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXE
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