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PowerConnect 3524P

PowerConnect 3524P
PowerConnect 3524P PowerConnect 3524P PowerConnect 3524P PowerConnect 3524P PowerConnect 3524P
Brand: Dell
Product Code: PowerConnect 3524P
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Price: $195.00
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Dell PowerConnect 3524P Switch - 24 ports - managed - stackable.
The PowerConnect 3524P switches provide robust security, resilient stacking, and enterprise-class management features which are ideal for edge of network applications requiring speed, availability and management. The PowerConnect 3524P offers Power-over-Ethernet capabilities to power network-attached devices, such as wireless LAN access points, VoIP handsets, video cameras, and badge readers that are compliant with the IEEE 802.3af standard. With a tremendous 470W of power available to the switch for switching and PoE operations, the switch can provide up to 15.4W of power per port simultaneously. An extended power supply, the EPS-470, can be connected to the switch to provide two basic but important functions. Whenever the switch power system is functioning properly, the EPS-470 will load share the power so that the full 15.4W of power per port can be provided to all ports. It also serves as a redundant power supply in the unlikely event that the main power supply should fail. The PowerConnect 3500 series offers several high availability features to meet enterprise networking needs. The switches can be resiliently stacked together to provide a highly available solution that can help the network survive a switch failure within the stack. The stack of switches consists of a master and backup switch that are continuously synched together so that a failure of the master unit or any other switch will not adversely affect the performance or connectivity of the other stacked switches. Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol support help reduce network setup time and improve network availability. These industry standard protocols help provide rapid reconvergence in the event of network outages even across large networks with many VLANs.
PowerConnect 3524P
This Power over Ethernet switch offers 24 ports of legacy 10/100Base-T with robust security, resilient Ethernet stacking and enterprise-class management features for edge-of-network applications requiring speed, availability and management.

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