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DCS-7048T-4S-F DCS-7048T-4S-F DCS-7048T-4S-F DCS-7048T-4S-F DCS-7048T-4S-F DCS-7048T-4S-F
Brand: Arista
Product Code: DCS-7048T-4S-F
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Arista DCS-7048T-4S - 48-Port 1000BASE-T, 4-Port SFP+, Front-Rear Fan Airflow Switch
Includes Dual 760W AC Power and Rack Mount ears.

The Arista 7048 switch offers unmatched performance for high-density data center deployments. Offered with 48 100/1000BASE-T and four 1/10GbE SFP+ ports, the switch allows for a non-blocking design with 40 Gbps of uplink bandwidth. The 7048 switch forwards at layer 2/3/4 with low latency at wire speed. Redundant power and cooling options along with a robust software architecture provide the foundation for a data centerclass product. The switch comes with both front-to-back and back-to-front airflow options for energy efficiency. All SFP+ ports accommodate a fullrange of 10GbE twinax copper cables and optical 1/10GbE transceivers.
Deep Buffer Architecture:
The Arista 7048 switches are designed to handle fair allocation of bandwidth to all traffic flows in the datacenter. With 768 MB of packet buffer memory, the architecture scales in congestion scenarios and all ports can simultaneously buffer up to 50ms of traffic without any drops. The deep buffer architecture of the 7048 also provides a platform for lossless asymmetric connections when 10GbE nodes communicate with 1GbE nodes in the datacenter.
Arista EOS:
The Arista 7048 switches run Arista EOS™, a data center-class operating system with a fine-grained modular protected memory architecture that ensures the highest levels of reliability and availability. Each process is monitored and restarted automatically in response to failure, while in-service software upgrades (ISSU) allow individual software components to be updated without disrupting system operation. Arista EOS allows users to take advantages of Linux tools and add custom extensions.

Integrated L4-L7 Load Balancer Functionality:
Arista EOS allows you to extend the 7048 platform with Citrix NetScaler VPX server load balancer appliance integration. Load balancing is performed in software on the high-performance control plane of the switch delivering a unique application delivery platform while reducing total cost of ownership.

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