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AMX5000 AMX5000 AMX5000
Brand: Avocent
Product Code: AMX5000
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $795.00
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Avocent AMX5000 520-272-005 32-Port CAT5 KVM Over IP Switch
Built on Avocent's field-proven matrix switching design, the Avocent AMX5000 is an 8-user by 32 computer Cat5 KVM Switch, that provides a powerful KVM solution with advanced manageability. The Avocent AMX5000 highly scalable architecture easily accommodates additional servers and users, which makes the Avocent AMX5000 particularly effective in evolving installations with hundreds or even thousands of servers. Avocent's AMWorks software is included free with the AMX5000 switch for central administration.

The Avocent AMX5000 features the OSCAR on-screen management tool, which lets you conveniently switch between connected devices. If you require centralized administration of the Avocent AMX5000, AMWorks management software is included free with each switch. The AMWorks Java-based system administration tool supports customized user profiles and multi-level security. The AMWorks allows system administrators to build a user database with assigned access and password protection for each server. Administrators can view all activities that take place on the KVM system, including user login, switches made to servers and changes made to the system connections or setup. The database is centrally stored and can be downloaded to the switch via the network connection port available on all AMX5000 units.
Avocent AMX5000 Cat5 KVM Switch Features and Benefits:

Access - Full non-blocked, each switch supports eight users and 32 servers
Expandability/Scalability - Architecture makes it easy to add and support more servers
Provides ease of use with front panel LED indicators
Compact design conserves valuable rack space
AMWorks advanced administration software included with the AMX5000 switch
Connectivity - End-to-end UTP cable, including CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6
AMIQ Cable Interface - Assigns and stores unique server identification code for easier configuration and enhanced security
Keep Alive - Allows attached servers to continue operating in the event of power failure to the switch
Flash Upgrade - Simultaneous flash updates for all connected devices
AMWorks - Advanced Java-based system administration tool
Event Log - AMWorks tool used to maintain a record of user logins and switching activity
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