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Brand: Audiocodes
Product Code: M3K/6E1/8T1/REDUNDANT
Availability: Out Of Stock
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $4,750.00
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This is a Audiocodes Mediant 3000 6E1 8T1 Redundant AC Power.
2- NTVW00NR Front Cards
2- NTVW00NQ Front Cards
2- Rear T1/E1 Trunk Cards

The Mediant 3000’s robust architecture meets service providers’ stringent requirements for service continuity, thanks to its NEBS Level 3 compliance and comprehensive redundancy scheme:

Media Gateway blades are 1+1 redundant and hot swappable.
Power supplies are 1+1 redundant and hot swappable.
Optical PSTN Interfaces are 1+1 (APS protected) and hot swappable.
Software upgradable to Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC)
The Mediant 3000 offers IMS-compliant support for fixed-mobile converged (FMC) networks.
;** Ini File **

;Board: Mediant 3000
;M3K Board Type: TrunkPack 8410
;Serial Number: 3882xxx
;Slot Number: 1
;Software Version: 5.40AK.029.012
;DSP Software Version: 491096AE3 => 540.16
;Board IP Address:
;Board Subnet Mask:
;Board Default Gateway:
;Ram size: 512M Flash size: 32M
;Num DSPs: 36 Num DSP channels: 192
;Profile: NORTEL-IMS
;Key features:;Board Type: Mediant 3000;E1Trunks=84;T1Trunks=84;PSTN Protocols: ISDN IUA=84 CAS V5.2;Coders: G723 G729 NETCODER GSM-FR G727 ILBC ;DSP Voice features: EC128mSec FastSlowPlayback BargeIn PatternDetector IpmDetector AMRPolicyManagement ;IP Media: VXML CALEA ;Security: IPSEC MediaEncryption StrongEncryption EncryptControlProtocol ;Channel Type: RTP ATM PCI DspCh=192 ;M3K HA Control Protocols: MGCP MEGACO H323 SIP MSFT ;Default features:;Coders: G711 G726;

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