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Berkeley Gator

Berkeley Gator
Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator Berkeley Gator
Brand: Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Product Code: Berkeley Gator
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $250.00
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Berkeley Varitronics Systems Gator Class A Stimulus Transmitter 850-870 MHz 45 Watt Class A
Display: 240 X 64 pixel graphic supertwist LCD (VF backlit) Stability less than 1.5 PPM for first year, + for 1 PPM for aging
Output Power: Continuous adjustable power output + 1.0 dB over > 32 dB range (below 1 GHz)
Power Adjustments: Continuously adjustable via rotary knob or direct keypad entry in 1 dBm increments over > 20 dB on models above 1 GHz
Spurious Output: > 55 dBc (decibels below carrier level)
Harmonics Output: > 55 dBc (decibels below carrier level)
Power: 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, auto-switching, UL and CSA approved 10 and 20 watt models may also be powered from +12VDC
Remote Control: Via serial RS-232, internal modem or DTMF through telco
Output Power Monitoring: Forward and reverse power monitored via internal power meters. Output is regulated to < +1.0 dB of setting at up to a 6:1 VSWR
Power Output: 20 watts into 50 ohms (GSM cellular model)
PA Class: Linear, Class A amplifier
Output Adjustments: + 0.1 dB steps over 20 dB range to full output
Power Regulation: Internal forward and reverse power meters with built-in circulator
Internal Protection: Infinite VSWR (shuts off at > 6:1 SWR)and temperature protected
Tuning Range: 935.2-959.8 MHz
Tuning Increments: + 50/200 kHz steps via keypad or rotary control
Stability: + 2.0 PPM from 0 deg to 50 deg C
Type of Modulation: GMSK internal data modulator
Data Rate: 270,833 symbols/second
Baseband Filter: Gauss, B x T=0.3
Remote Control: Three ways, modem, DTMF or RS-232-C via rear panel
Display: Graphic 240 x 64 EL backlighted
Power Input: 110, 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 23-27 VDC at 6 Amps
Frequency Stability: + 2 ppm from 10 to 50 C
Frequency Steps: + 200 kHz
Frequency Range: Cellular or PCS models
Data Rate: effective rate 271 kbps (per GSM specs)
Modulation: 0.3 GMSK (per GSM specs)
Frame Length: 1250 bits
Serial Port: RS-232C
Format: 8 data bits
Parity: none
Start/Stop bits: one
CW: Unmodulated CW signal. Note, GSM data modulation cannot be turned on from the main Gator screen.
External: Transmitter will modulate with user-supplied and filtered I and Q data from an external source. This is via BNC connectors located on the top panel of the Gator.
GSM RND: Gator outputs GSM modulation with internally-generated and random PN (pseudo-random) data.
GSM BUFF: GSM modulation with user-downloadable BCCH (base station control channel) stored data, downloaded by the user with PC loader software. This is via the RS-232C jack in rear. User must supply the base station data to be output, gator will repeat this transmission indefinitely.
*Needs calibration*
Berkeley Gator
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