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Brand: 3com
Product Code: 3CRTPSB37696E
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $1,250.00
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3COM 3CRTPSB37696E Tipping Point 5000E Intrusion Prevention System
3CRTPSB37696E for 500 Users
Switch-Like Performance
• 5 Gbps Attack Filtering
• Simultaneous Connections: 2 Million+
• Connections Per Second: 1,000,000
• Latency < 150 microseconds
• Real World TCP/UDP Traffic Mix
Client and Server Protection
• Prevent Attacks on Vulnerable Applications
and Operating Systems
• Eliminate Costly Ad-Hoc Patching
• Multi-Mode Attack Blocking
Digital Vaccine® Real-Time Inoculation
• Protection Against Zero-Day Attacks
• Automatic Distribution of Latest Filters
- Microsoft Vulnerabilities
- Viruses
- Spyware
- VoIP
Network Infrastructure Protection
• Protect Network Equipment Vulnerabilities
• Protect Against Traffic Anomaly, DoS, SYN
Floods, Process Table Floods
• Access Control Lists
ADVANCED DDoS Protection
• 4,000,000 Invalid SYNs Per Second Under
SYN Flood
• Established Connection Flood
• Connection Per Second Flood
Performance Protection
• Increase Bandwidth and Server Capacity
• Rate-Limit or Block Unwanted Traffic
- Peer-to-Peer/Instant Messaging
• Optimize Network Performance
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