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Cisco WS-SVC-NAM-1 Catalyst 6500 Network Analysis Module.

Network Analysis Module (WS-SVC-NAM-1)

The Network Analysis Module (WS-SVC-NAM-1) provides integrated network monitoring services within the switch. The NAM collects network traffic statistics for real-time traffic analysis, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The NAM monitors and analyzes network traffic for the Catalyst 6500 series switches using remote monitoring (RMON), RMON extensions for switched networks (SMON), and other management information bases (MIBs). The NAM supports the following RMON groups:

•RMON groups defined in RFC 1757

•RMON2 groups defined in RFC 2021

The NAM also can monitor individual Ethernet VLANs, which allows it to serve as an extension to the basic RMON support provided by the supervisor engine.

You can use any other IETF-compliant RMON application to access link, host, protocol, and response-time statistics for capacity planning, departmental accounting, and real-time application protocol monitoring. You also can use filters and capture buffers to troubleshoot the network.

The NAM can analyze Ethernet VLAN traffic from one or both of the following sources:

•Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, trunk port, or Fast EtherChannel SPAN or RSPAN source port

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