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Brand: Ciena
Product Code: 170-3916-900
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Ciena 170-3916-900 CMMAN10DRA 3916,(2) 1G SFP,(2)100M/1G SFP/RJ45,(2)100M/1G SFP, (1) AC PWR Ciena 170-3916-900 CMMAN10DRA

Provides advanced Carrier Ethernet and low TCO, powered by Ciena’s SAOS
Supports 2 GbE NNI/UNI Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) ports
Supports 4 GbE NNI/UNI ports including 2 100/1000 Base-X SFP ports and 2 dual-mode ports: RJ-45 10/100/1000 Base-T and 100/1000 Base-X SFPs
Incorporates on-board RFC 2544 Performance Benchmark testing capabilities, enabling end-to-end SLA verification without a truck roll
Features a state-of-the-art hardware design for advanced Ethernet resiliency and encapsulation capabilities
Features rich flow classifications and service stratification to ensure predictable service delivery and Carrier-class, MEF-14-compliant QoS
The 3916 incorporates an advanced Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) suite to provide detailed service and network performance monitoring while reducing network operating costs.

The 3916 software architecture is based on a common Service-Aware Operating System (SAOS) used in all Ciena service delivery and service aggregation switches to provide advanced Carrier Ethernet features, with consistent system and service attributes to improve operational efficiency. The feature capabilities address the widely varying demands of end-customers and a multitude of deployment scenarios. The 3916 exemplifies Ciena’s focus on OAM and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to deliver Carrier Ethernet services by supporting all the leading OAM standards, and by expanding OAM capabilities to include RFC 2544 Performance Benchmarking generation and reflection capabilities. This functionality enables detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA)-conformance testing to be accomplished from the Network Operations Center (NOC) and dramatically lowers OPEX. In combination with the low-touch deployment methods provided by Ciena, the 3916 architecture enables operators to achieve a profitable business case, even in highly competitive markets.

The 3916 features a high-capacity switching fabric, two NNI SFP ports that support 1GbE, two 100/1000M SFP UNI ports, and two dual-mode UNI ports (10/100/1000 RJ-45 and 100/1000 SFP). The 3916 provides a built-in AC or DC power supply, front access to all power data and management ports, and a compact form factor that facilitates desktop, wallmount, or rackmount installations.

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