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RPD-1000 RPD-1000 RPD-1000
Brand: Motorola
Product Code: RPD-1000
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Motorola RPD-1000 GI Return Path Demodulator.
with 6 DEMOD Cards
QPSK demodulates up to six upstream channels from digital set-top terminals with modular demodulator cards
Transfers power, timing and packet error measurements of set-top termainsl to controlling processor
Performs forward error correction on recieved data to maintain robust communciations with terminals
Frequency selection from 36 upstream channels
Configurable locally with the headend configuration tool or with front panel control
Easy to read 2 X 40 LCD display for front panel configuration and unit status
Industry standard 10 base-T ethernet connectivity for status monitoring and network element control
Demodulator boards can be daisy chanied to provide redundancy
The RPD-1000 is an essential component of a local access network configuration. It provides the upstream link that is needed for communications with the set top terminals. The terminals provide essential information such as pay per view purchases, opinion polls, as well as critical status monitoring data. Data is received by burst demodulator modules within the RPD. As the unit can be equipped with up to six modules, data streams can be received from one to six upstream QPSK modulated RF carriers. The RPD demodulates, provides Forward Error Correction, and multiplexes this data into a single data packet that is transferred to the controlling processor via an Ethernet port.

Control and configuration of the RPD-1000 is accomplished via the Headend Configuration Tool or from the front panel control. RPDs are linked via an Ethernet connection in a local headend LAN. Each demodulator board can be dynamically tuned so that multiple channels can be observed with a single module. For added reliability, demodulators can be daisy chained to allow for back up capabilities.
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