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15454-CE-100T-8 15454-CE-100T-8 15454-CE-100T-8 15454-CE-100T-8 15454-CE-100T-8 15454-CE-100T-8
Brand: Cisco
Product Code: 15454-CE-100T-8
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
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CISCO 15454-CE-100T-8, WMUCARDFAB. single-slot line card offering 8-port, 10/100-Mbps Ethernet via standard RJ-45 interfaces.

The Cisco CE 8-port Ethernet Card is a single-slot line card offering 8-port, 10/100-Mbps Ethernet via standard RJ-45 interfaces. Traffic from the eight interfaces is encapsulated into a SONET/SDH payload using either GFP or framing based on high-level data link control (HDLC). The resulting packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) traffic is then mapped into a SONET circuit for transport across the network. These circuits form a one-to-one relationship with the eight front-panel ports and are referred to as virtual concatenated groups (VCGs). Each VCG uses low-order or high-order contiguous and/or virtual concatenation mechanisms to determine circuit sizing. The card also supports LCAS, which allows hitless dynamic adjustment of SONET/SDH link bandwidth. Additionally, each card supports packet processing, classification, queuing based on quality of service (QoS), and traffic-scheduling features, all required for supporting advanced services delivery.

The Cisco ONS 15454 MSPP CE 10/100Base-T Ethernet Card includes these features:

? 8-port 10/100Base-T, RJ-45 connectors
? 4 x 150 Mbps (4 x STS-3/VC4) SONET/SDH transport bandwidth per card
? Each 10/100Base-T port mapped to SONET/SDH POS using GFP-F (ITU-T G.7041) or LAN Extension (LEX) (HDLC) encapsulation
? Each POS can consist of high-order contiguous concatenation (CCAT) (SONET – STS-1, STS-3c; SDH – VC4) or VCAT (STS-1-1v, STS-1-2v, STS-1-3v) circuits
? Each POS port can consist of low-order contiguous concatenation (CCAT) (SDH – VC3) or VCAT (SONET – VT1.5-Xv where X=1–64; SDH – VC12-Xv where X=1–63, VC3-1v, VC3-2v, VC3-3v) circuits
? In-service capacity increment/decrement (ITU-T G.7042 LCAS)
? Sub-50-millisecond (ms) SONET/SDH protection/restoration of transport circuits
? Transparent to Layer 2 bridging, switching, Ethernet MAC control protocols (Cisco EtherChannel® technology, 802.1x, Cisco Discovery Protocol, VLAN Trunking Protocol [VTP], Spanning Tree Protocol), and VLAN (802.1Q and QinQ)
? Ethernet link functions: autonegotiation, link speed auto sense, full/half duplex, flow control (802.3x)
? QOS Capabilities – Packet prioritization based upon IP type of service (ToS) or 802.1P
? Maximum packet size supported: 1548 bytes
? A-to-z provisioning (Cisco Transport Controller and Cisco Transport Manager), TL-1 provisioning
? Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarms and Remote Monitoring (RMON) performance monitoring
? Cisco Transport Controller/Cisco Transport Manager/TL-1 management
? Interoperation with (over SONET/SDH) G-Series and ML-Series cards
? Back-pressure flow control
? Terminal and facility loopback
? Link integrity support

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