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Product Code: DIGINET 1816
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Condition: For Parts or not Working
Condition: For Parts or not Working
Price: $395.00
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KODICOM DIGINET 1816. DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDING SYSTEM Camera Input: 16 Ch. Image Display (max): 1816: 30fps Recording Speed (max): 1816: 120fps ( DISK DRIVE IS LOOSE, FLOPPY DRIVE DOES NOT HAVE FRONT COVER AND KEY DOES NOT COME WITH FRONT COVER DOOR) Main Functions: Simultaniously record up to 16 cameras Search by date, time and camera High-resolution compression to average of 1~6kb per picture with Kodicom patented Engine-K CODEC Algorithm High-speed remote video transmission (PSTN, ISDN & LAN network) Auto transmission to monitoring center when emergency occurs 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16 split screen available PAN/TILT/ZOOM, control and other electronic devices Features: Real time remote surveillance. More economical than timelapse V.C.R. Constant and event-controlled recording. Low management, operation and maintenance cost. Easy operation with a user friendly interface. High resolution digital Image (No degradation). 3 levels of password protection. Adjustable recoerding speed for each camera Specifications
Camera Input 16 Ch.
Display Speed (max) 30 FPS
Recording Speed (max) 30 FPS
Image Resolution 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
Image Compression Alogrithm Engine-K (developed by Kodicom)
Recording Option Motion Detection, Continuous, Sensor or Pre-alarm Recording
Search Method Intelli-Search (easy search by user friendly color-coded graph), Object Search
Image Verification Watermark
Sensor Input / Control Output 8 input / 8 output (option: 16 input / 16 output)
Audio 1 Ch. (line input)
Backup USB, Remote Backup, CD-RW
Remote Transmission PSTN / ISDN / LAN / ADSL / Internet
PTZ Control Support RS-422/485

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