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AWN-A200 AWN-A200 AWN-A200 AWN-A200
Brand: Aruba
Product Code: AWN-A200
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Aruba AWN-A200 Controller

PDF: http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/products/DS_A200.pdf AWN-A200
The Aruba 200 Controller is a fully-featured wireless LAN controller that aggregates up to 8 access points (APs) and delivers centralized control and security for wireless deployments. The Aruba 200 delivers solid performance and military-grade encryption through dedicated control, network, and encryption processors.
Intended for small branch office, retail store, and small business wireless deployments, the Aruba 200 can be easily installed without any disruption to the existing wired network. The Aruba 200 acts as the head-end portion of Aruba’s “virtual enterprise network” architecture, which uses central controllers in the data center to manage complex and processing-intensive management and security functions. Edge services are virtualized and can be implemented in cost-effective access points at the network edge, which move user traffic to the data center controllers using secure IP tunnels operating over any available public or private transport network. Running the ArubaOS operating system, the Aruba 200 comes standard with advanced authentication, encryption, wireless radio management, secure enterprise wireless mesh, and L2/L3 networking features. Optional ArubaOS software modules unlock additional functionality including policy enforcement firewall, VPN server, remote access gateway, and wireless intrusion prevention.
Controller clustering and centralized management allow even the largest enterprise, with hundreds of controllers, to be managed and maintained with minimal staff overhead. A designated “master” controller may be used to manage multiple “local” controllers, or for larger networks the AirWave Management Platform provides the highest visibility and control for the entire IT staff.
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