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TX200-S4 TX200-S4 TX200-S4 TX200-S4
Brand: Fujitsu
Product Code: TX200-S4
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $1,500.00
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PRIMERGY TX industry standard tower servers: efficient, rock solid, record-breaking
performance. PRIMERGY TX servers benefit from over 20 years pioneering work in
the field of Green IT. That is how TX servers reach industry – leading performance
per watt ratios, lowering the environmental impact and running costs. TX servers can
easily be managed locally or remotely via the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite, saving
IT admin costs. That’s efficient performance. Our made-to-measure service packages
take care of your system every step of the way. Rest assured, PRIMERGY TX
servers are put through 5000 boot cycles - that’s rock solid performance. PRIMERGY
TX servers are flexible systems capable of using up to two processors and up to 20
hard disks. Tower to rack mounting kits are available to move to a consolidated rack
infrastructure. TX servers have a tradition of setting record-breaking performance
levels. So, whether you use them as tower or rack servers, for file, print or application
purposes, you will benefit from record-breaking performance. PRIMERGY TX: a tower
of strength.
Flexible expansion options are the key to placing new or larger workloads on your
server. This applies not only to physical capacity, such as the number of disk drives,
advanced data protection schemes, or I/O connectivity; in particular consideration of
the transition to 64-bit computing and virtualization is a must in today’s technology
purchase decisions.
The PRIMERGY TX200 S4 uses a completely new housing and is a perfect match for
these requirements, providing you with a previously unreached cost-efficient standard.
TX200 is a failsafe operation platform for your application stacks, with standards such
as disk mirroring for SAS and SATA, hot-plug disks, SDDC and hot-spare memory
and the “Cool-safe™” innovative air flow system design. Expandability is covering for
heavy workload: up to 24 GB FBD667 memory, up to 8 (16) 2.5-inch SAS hard disk
drives, and 7 (6) free PCI slots for heavy I/O requirements. Your business can rely on
this solution!
In addition, further options – such as extended RAID functions, clustering options and
redundancy for power su.pplies and fans – tailor these standards to your individual
safety needs
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