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INSPECTED 05/01/13
PeopleNet BLU.2 is your interface to an amazing world of applications. PeopleNet
BLU.2 is robust with hardware extensibility, surplus memory and power to run future,
advanced applications—supporting all current PeopleNet applications.
Text to speech. Scan without leaving the cab. Watch training lessons.
Gain even more control over routes with In-Cab Navigation integrated
with dispatch. PeopleNet BLU.2 is powerful performance right in the
cab. The BLU open platform lets you easily configure your system.
Combined with high bandwidth access to PeopleNet’s innovative
applications BLU.2 allows drivers to break free from inefficiencies,
so they can make a bigger contribution to the bottom line. Don’t settle
for incremental business improvement—take your performance
above and beyond the rest with PeopleNet BLU.2.

Windows CE®
BLU.2 runs on the Windows CE® 6.0 Pro Series
operating system.
Applications and Features
Standard PeopleNet Applications
• Locating & Messaging helps you keep track of your
fleet, monitor customer loads, predict delivery times, print
mileage and routing reports— and more.
• Automated Workflow automates communication across
the supply chain, from pick-up to delivery. You get more
efficient pick-ups and drop-offs, higher compliance and
lower communication costs along with improved customer
service, safety and revenue.
• Text to Speech allows you to play an audio version of the
message on screen.
• Shortcuts allow for single touch access to commonly
used Onboard Computer functions.
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