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Brand: HABCO
Product Code: 1093007X
Availability: 1
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $1,895.00
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The HABCO 1093005A Portable Air Flow Checker is housed in a rugged suitcase-style enclosure, and is certified for usage in civil and military maintenance operations. Designed for easy operation and maximum portability, this unit provides a convenient means to accurately and quickly check air leakage across jet engine seals during assembly and inspection.
This tester is equipped with a precision regulator to accurately maintain differential air pressure at the seals, high quality pressure and flow transducers with temperature compensation providing excellent linearity and repeatability, and digital readouts for best accuracy and readability.
Optional ranges and calibrations are available for special flow requirements.
HABCO also maintains a Precision Airflow Laboratory, as part of its Field Service Operation, for periodic calibration and re-certification of customer equipment, including the flow meters used in this teste

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