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PT-CPC4400 PT-CPC4400 PT-CPC4400 PT-CPC4400
Brand: Performance Tech
Product Code: PT-CPC4400
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PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES PT-CPC4400 Series Adapter - 24+2 Gb-Port PICMG 2.16 Ethernet Switch

The PT-CPC4400 is a Compact PCI (CPCI) based Ethernet switch. There are twenty-four switched 10Base-T/100Base-TX ports, (2) 1000Base-TX/FX Gigabit ports and (1) out-of-band (management) 10Base-T/100 Base-TX port. The switched, and out-ofband 10/100M Ethernet ports are accessed from the user-defined pins on the CPCI mid-plane connectors, P3 and P5. The Gigabit ports are accessed either from the front panel or the CPCI mid-plane. On-board magnetics allow the user to build the Ethernet cabling into the mid-plane. Other CPCI based cards may connect to the PT-CPC4400 via Ethernet over the midplane, removing the often confusing and unreliable mass of cabling found within most ‘Rack Area Network’ solutions. Alternatively, a rear panel I/O Line Interface Module (LIM) can bring some (or all) of the Ethernet interfaces out to RJ-45 connectors.

CompactPCI Connectors: The board uses standard 2 mm Type AB CompactPCI connectors
Electrical: The PT-CPC4400 meets the electrical requirements specified in the PICMG 2.0 R3.0 CompactPCI specification.
Form Factor: The main board is a 6U (233.35 mm by 160 mm) board size.
Front Panel: The PT-CPC4400 provides a front panel compliant with IEEE 1101.10
Switched Ethernet Ports: The PT-CPC4400 provides (24) 10/100M Ethernet ports and (2) 100/1000M Ethernet ports interconnected in a full mesh by 802.1d MAC Relay Entities.
Universal I/O: The PT-CPC4400 is a universal I/O board (no key on J1), accepting either 5V or 3.3V for the PCI I/O signals
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