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LE1510A-R2 LE1510A-R2 LE1510A-R2
Brand: Blackbox
Product Code: LE1510A-R2
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Twisted Pair to AUI Ethernet Media Converter, with 1 RJ-45 and 1 female AUI connector.

Product Description: The Black Box LE1510A-R2 Universal Mini Media Converter provides a connection between
a twisted pair segment and any female Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) with slide latch. An external power
supply provides power for the converter and for any attached mini-transceivers. Therefore, any Ethernet coax
transceiver (via AUI drop cable) or mini-transceiver with a standard male AUI interface can be connected to
the LE1510A-R2 through the AUI connectoróproviding a connection from a twisted pair segment to a
variety of other Ethernet media types. Media converters cost less than full Ethernet repeaters and can be used
whenever media distance limitations will not be exceeded in the new structure.
The Black Box LE1510A-R2 is part of the family of Black Box Media Converters. For 10Mb, these
include the models LE1500A-UTP (twisted pair to mm. fiber), LE1501A (twisted pair to single-mode fiber),
LE1500A-BNC (ThinNet to mm. Fiber, and LE1502A (twisted pair to ThinNet).
Media Conversion Combinations: The Black Box LE1510A-R2 Universal Mini Media Converters typically are
used with 10Mb twisted pair (RJ-45) and ThickNet (AUI) cables. It may also combine with various other
coax transceivers and mini-transceivers to provide media flexibility. These ìMedia Conversion
Combinationsî include twisted pair to fiber (single and multi-mode) and ThinNet to twisted pair, and are
illustrated in the table near the end of this document.
Performance: Data Rate: 10 Mbits / second
Additional Features: Each LE1510A-R2 converter features a full set of LEDs that conveys essential diagnostic and
status information on each port. There are 4 LEDs for TP (Link, Polarity, Activity, Collision), 2 for AUI
(Activity, Collision), and 1 common (PWR). An Up-link switch on the TP port allows the LE1510A-R2 to be
used in any application without the need for a cross-over cable. The case is rugged metal.
Network Standards: Ethernet V1.0 / V2.0 IEEE 802.3; 10BASE-T, 10BASE5
Operating Environment:
Ambient Temperature: 32-120o
F; (0-50o
C); Storage: -20o
C to 60o
Ambient Relative Humidity: 10%-95% (non-condensing)
Enclosure: High strength metal, designed for wall-mounting or closet shelf.
Dimensions: [2.7x 1.65 x 0.75] in. [ 6.9x 4.2 x 1.9 ] cm.
Weight: 4 oz (115 g); power supply: 10 oz (2285 g)
Power Supply
Power Input Voltage: 95-125 vac at 60 Hz for LE1510A-R2 Model, 200-250 vac at 50 Hz for LE1510AE-R2 Model which
has universal IEC power cable connection. The power transformer units are rated 12VDC and 500ma to 1A.
Power Consumption: 6 watts max.
Agency Approvals
UL Listed (UL 1950), cUL, CE; Emissions meet FCC Part 15, Class A
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