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Cable Modems

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Arris C4 DOCSIS CMTS 3.0 Bundle 7x 16D 722014 7x 12U 710423 2x RCM 722013 SCM2 This unit is in great shape. It is tested working and ships to you with a 90 day hardware warranty. We are able to offer a lease option on this equipment. Please call for a no obligation quote. At this price we can include the Arris 3600W power rectifier and cables. 1 x Arris C4-CHAS-00210 - C4 Chassis "Shell" pn: 7104222 x Arris C4-SCM-02440W C4 - System Control Module 2 pn: 7103977x Arris C4-CAM-20016W - 16D Cabl..
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MOTOROLA APEX1000, 570394-001-00, 541928-001-00 These units are in fantastic manufacturer refurb condition. We were able to verify that each has been field upgraded to full 2x8 48V configurations. This equipment ships with good diagnostic report, and 90 day hardware warranty. Details:MOTOROLA APEX1000 48V AC Broadcast ConfigurationPN: 541928-003-00 INCLUDES ONE APEX CHASSIS, ONE AC POWER SUPPLY MODULE, THREE 2x8 QAM MODULES (PN: 540273-001)Physical Chassis1 RU chassis with support for up to 4..
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RPD 2000
Motorola GI Return Path Demodulator RPD 2000 CMTS 6 - DEMOD Modules 405633-0011- FEC Module 240859-0011- CPU Module 469915-001 1- AC Power Supply..
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1x6 Config, docsis 2.0 ARRIS C3 Headend CMTS DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem Termination System -one downstream RF channel via an integrated upconverter and up to six upstream RF channels. Overview The ARRIS C3™ Cable Modem Termination System is a CableLabs® DOCSIS® 2.0 Qualified Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) delivering superior performance for up to 3000 registered cable modems while occupying only one rack unit (1RU) of space (1.75 in) in a cable operator’s head-end facility. This small size a..
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Nortel DE3801E01, 302249-A CMTS 1000 AC power 8 upstreamsDE3801E01The Nortel Networks CMTS 1000 provides full spanning tree bridging functionality and offers up to eight channels upstream and two channels downstream, for flexibility. Additionally, the Nortel Networks CMTS 1000 complies with the Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standards, which define standards for networking equipment that will be attached to the cable plant (i.e., the cable modem and the cable modem term..
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Motorola BSR1000 Broadband Services Router 1000 CMTS Motorola BSR1000 ..
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Cisco CAB-RFGW3G60QTIMF, 800-32843-01, 95-690-10043 Cable kit (3m MCX to F cables) 10 Quad-shielded RF cables, preconnected UCH2 header, RFGW/3G60 to HFC, 3m. 12 Cable kits required for Cisco RFGW-10 Chassis. ..
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Cisco DPC3010, 4027668 DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem - external Cable - Hi-Speed USB / Gigabit Ethernet...
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