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Brand: Fortinet
Product Code: FG-280D-POE
Availability: 4
Price: $2,850.00
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Fortinet FortiGate-280D-POE / FG-280D-POE Next Generation (NGFW) Firewall Appliance P14380-01-03 The FortiGate-280D-POE series delivers high-speed security and performance for campus perimeter and branch office wired or wireless networks. Purpose-built processors provide up to 4 Gbps firewall throughput, enabling protection of your applications and network without affecting availability or performance. The FortiGate-280D-POE series provides comprehensive threat protection with Fortinet’s unmatched range of enterprise-grade security technologies. They deliver firewall, VPN (IPSec and SSL), intrusion prevention, antivirus/antispyware, antispam, and web filtering technologies. These platforms also provides application control, data loss prevention, dynamic routing for IPv4 and IPv6, endpoint NAC, and SSL-encrypted traffic inspection. These comprehensive security components enable you to deploy required technologies most suited for your unique environment. Powerful, Secure, Easy to Install FortiASIC purpose-built processors ensure that your security countermeasures will not become a network bottleneck. The FortiASIC CP8 processor delivers deep inspection security components such as application control, IPS and anti-malware. The FortiASIC NP4Lite processor delivers firewall and VPN throughput at switching speeds by performing high-speed processing of network flows. The FortiGate-280D-POE series installs in minutes, automatically downloading regular updates to protect against the latest viruses, network vulnerabilities, worms, spam and phishing attacks, and malicious websites with no administrator intervention. Leveraging patented FortiASIC acceleration, the FortiGate-280D-POE series offers marketleading performance, with high-density GbE interfaces that facilitate network growth and expansion. Onboard storage provide local archiving of data for policy compliance and/or web caching. Performance and Protection for Mid-size Networks High port density delivers maximum flexibility and scalability Application control coupled with identity-based policy enforcement provides complete content protection Strong authentication options for policy compliance IPv6 certified platform Key Features & Benefits: Consolidated Security Architecture - FortiGate consolidated security offers better protection and lower cost of ownership than stand-alone security products High Port Density - Up to 44 x GbE ports facilitate flexible deployment of network segments and promotes network expansion and high availability configurations Single Pane of Glass Management - Reduces complexity and decreases costs as all security functions can be managed through one console Power Over Ethernet Seamless integration of peripheral devices in a secure environment.
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