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Brand: Fortinet
Product Code: FG-300C
Availability: 5
Price: $300.00
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Fortinet FG-300C, P09616-03-02 Fortigate 300C 8x GE RJ45 NP2 Accelerated Ports and 2x GE RJ45 Ports
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Tags: FG-300C, Fortinet FG-300C, FG300C, Fortinet, Fortinet, FG-300C, , P09616-03-02, Fortigate, 300C, 8x, GE, RJ45, NP2, Accelerated, Ports, and, 2x, GE, RJ45, Ports Interfaces, and, Modules Total, 10/100/1000, Interfaces, (RJ45), 8 Maximum, Network, Interfaces, 10 USB, (Client, /, Server), 1, /, 2 RJ45, Serial, Console, 1 Internal, Storage, 32, GB System, Performance, and, Capacity IPv4, Firewall, Throughput, (1518, /, 512, /, 64, byte, , UDP), 8, /, 8, /, 8, Gbps Firewall, Latency, (64, byte, , UDP), 2, µs Firewall, Throughput, (Packet, per, Second), 12, Mpps Concurrent, Sessions, (TCP), 2, Million New, Sessions/Second, (TCP), 50, 000 Firewall, Policies, 10, 000 IPsec, VPN, Throughput, (512, byte), 4.5, Gbps Gateway-to-Gateway, IPsec, VPN, Tunnels, 2, 000 Client-to-Gateway, IPsec, VPN, Tunnels, 10, 000 SSL-VPN, Throughput, 200, Mbps Concurrent, SSL-VPN, Users, (Recommended, Maximum), 500 IPS, Throughput, 2.8, Gbps Antivirus, Throughput, 200, Mbps Virtual, Domains, (Default, /, Maximum), 10, /, 10 Maximum, Number, of, FortiAPs, (Total, /, Tunnel), 512, /, 256 Maximum, Number, of, FortiTokens, 1, 000 Maximum, Number, of, Registered, FortiClients, 2, 000 High, Availability, Configurations, Active-Active, , Active-Passive, Clustering S Roughly, half, of, all, cyber, attacks, target, mid-sized, or, smaller, businesses and, the, attack, landscape, continues, to, grow, with, higher, volume, and sophistication., Plus, , network, bandwidth, requirements, are, still, doubling every, 18, months., Mid-sized, enterprises, need, network, security, that delivers, industry-leading, high-speed, performance, and, next, generation security, effectiveness. 5, Times, Next, Generation, Performance The, FortiGate, 300C, appliance, delivers, superior, performance, through, a, combination, of, purpose-built, FortiASIC™, processors, , high, gigabit, port, density, and, consolidated, security, features, from, the, FortiOS™, operating, system., It, delivers, 5, times, better, next, generation, firewall, performance, compared, to, alternate, products, and, provides, the, best, price/performance, in, the, industry. Deeper, Visibility, and, Top-rated, Security This, breakthrough, threat, prevention, performance, allows, organizations, to, run, NSS, Labs, Recommended, intrusion, prevention, and, application, control, and, VB100, certified, anti-malware, capabilities, for, deeper, inspection., Rich, console, views, and, reports, together, with, a, flexible, policy, engine, provide, the, visibility, and, control, to, empower, employees, yet, secure, your, enterprise. Finally, , these, features, of, the, FortiGate, FortiOS, Network, Security, Platform, are, routinely, validated, by, independent, real-world, tests, and, consistently, getting, superior, ratings, in, security effectiveness.