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Cisco UBR-MC20X20V-5D, IP9IAGCCAB UBR10K High-Perf D3.0 Card w/upx, 20US and 5DS License UBR-MC20X20V-5D: Includes base hardware and software licenses installd for 5 downstream and 20 upstream channels Product Overview The Cisco ® uBR-MC20X20V Broadband Processing Engine (BPE) is a next-generation line card for the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router. It adds exciting features to the Cisco uBR10012 platform - including 20 upstream and 20 downstream channels - while supporting the industry benchmark standards for excellence and reliability that were established by the Cisco 5x20H BPE. With the explosion of video traffic and social networking applications, speed and scalability are critical factors to keeping consumers happy. Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecasts that by 2013, annual global IP traffic will reach two-thirds of a zettabyte (one trillion gigabytes), video traffic will exceed 90 percent of global consumer traffic, and the global online video will comprise 60 percent of consumer Internet traffic (up from 32 percent in 2009). As consumer demand for high-quality media on any device grows daily, cable operators are considering new intelligent solutions for their medianets (all-IP Next-Generation Networks optimized for rich media). Cisco provides an end-to-end, DOCSIS ® 3.0-capable solution enabling multiple services to multiple devices over the same infrastructure to both residential and commercial subscribers. This solution will allow service providers to deliver the best possible quality of experience, while minimizing operating expenses and differentiating next-generation services from those of their competitors. Cisco's DOCSIS 3.0 solution with the Cisco uBR-MC20X20V card delivers faster speeds and higher density with a flexible and scalable architecture. The resulting benefits are faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and higher revenues, thus helping operators to prepare their networks for the exponential growth of IP traffic. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V, Figure 1, delivers support for DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 3.0, including full upstream and downstream channel bonding and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The line card provides the capability to have 160 downstream and 160 upstream interfaces in a single Cisco uBR10012 chassis and, when used with the DOCSIS 3.0-capable Cisco 1 Gbps Wideband Shared Port Adapter (SPA), can scale to 304 downstream channels. [ note: DOCSIS is another company's trademark, and not part of the SPA's product name] This leads the industry in capacity. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V is operationally exceedingly simple to upgrade from the Cisco 5x20H BPE or Cisco 5x20U BPE. Further, Cisco offers pay-as-you-grow flexibility with software licensing for downstream channels (0DS, 5DS and 20DS SW licenses are offered). The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V is an integral part of Cisco's DOCSIS 3.0-capable Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) product portfolio. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V BPE addresses the needs of cable operators who expect to cost-effectively deploy very high-bandwidth services with DOCSIS 3.0. The line card has been designed to offer an operationally simple upgrade path from the Cisco 5x20H or Cisco 5x20U in terms of both cabling and online insertion and removal (OIR) compatibility. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V works with the Cisco RF switch with no cabling changes required from existing installations using the Cisco 5x20H. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V further enhances Cisco's integrated and modular CMTS offering because it interoperates with the Cisco 1 Gbps Wideband SPA to provide even more downstream capacity in the same Cisco uBR10012 chassis (up to 304 Downstream channels). Although the uBR-MC20X20V BPE offers 20 downstream (Annex A or Annex B) and 20 upstream channels, the physical port count remains exactly the same as the Cisco 5x20H, with 5 downstream ports and 20 upstream ports. Each downstream port is capable of carrying four frequency-stacked downstream channels. Each downstream channel is configurable as part of a DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding group or DOCSIS 2.0/1.x channel (primary capable). The line card also supports an extended DOCSIS upstream frequency range of 5 to 65 MHz and downstream of 55 MHz to 1 GHz for DOCSIS operations. Each upstream channel can be configured into a DOCSIS 3.0 upstream channel bonding group while serving DOCSIS 2.0/1.x cable modems/devices at the same time. The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V delivers cutting-edge features and a highly scalable architecture to enable cable operators to deliver carrier-class, IP-based, high-bandwidth, high-speed data, voice, and video services to subscribers. Features and Benefits Fully DOCSIS 3.0 Capable Fully DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS 3.0 capable, the Cisco uBR-MC20X20V supports downstream and upstream channel bonding at DOCSIS line rate that enables cable operators to offer very high-speed data services to residential and commercial subscribers while continuing to offer IP voice services. The line card supports bonding of four, eight, and even higher number of channels, and other DOCSIS 3.0 features including IPv6, multicast, and S-CDMA. Superior Downstream RF Performance The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V features an upconverter module that is based on industry-leading Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology. DDS technology offers superior RF performance in a much smaller footprint than older analog designs. The upconverter complies with DOCSIS Downstream RF Interface (DRFI) specifications. The upconverter also operates all the way to 1 GHz. DOCSIS 3.0 MAC The DOCSIS 3.0 MAC on the Cisco uBR-MC20X20V is an internally developed Cisco feature providing dedicated MAC layer hardware for line-rate performance in large-scale deployments. The DOCSIS 3.0 MAC hardware enables scalability for thousands of cable modems and CPE, simultaneously providing hardware acceleration for sophisticated security features including AES encryption while continuing to support older DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0 encryption features. Cisco's DOCSIS 3.0 MAC design allows for unprecedented feature flexibility and robust defect correction. Interoperation with Cisco's DOCSIS 3.0-Capable Wideband SPA The Cisco uBR-MC20X20V supports the ability to build MAC domains with downstream channels being shared from the DOCSIS 3.0-ready Cisco 1 Gbps Wideband SPA. The Cisco uBR10012 platform can be configured to support up to 304 downstream channels in an Integrated or Modular deployment.
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Tags: UBR-MC20X20V-5D, Cisco UBR-MC20X20V-5D, UBRMC20X20V5D, Cisco, IP9IAGCCAB, Cisco, UBR-MC20X20V-5D, , IP9IAGCCAB, UBR10K, High-Perf, D3.0, Card, w/upx, , 20US, and, 5DS, License UBR-MC20X20V-5D-, Includes, base, hardware, and, software, licenses, installd, for, 5, downstream, and, 20, upstream, channels Product, Overview The, Cisco, ®, uBR-MC20X20V, Broadband, Processing, Engine, (BPE), is, a, next-generation, line, card, for, the, Cisco, uBR10012, Universal, Broadband, Router., It, adds, exciting, features, to, the, Cisco, uBR10012, platform, -, including, 20, upstream, and, 20, downstream, channels, -, while, supporting, the, industry, benchmark, standards, for, excellence, and, reliability, that, were, established, by, the, Cisco, 5x20H, BPE. With, the, explosion, of, video, traffic, and, social, networking, applications, , speed, and, scalability, are, critical, factors, to, keeping, consumers, happy., Cisco's, Visual, Networking, Index, (VNI), forecasts, that, by, 2013, , annual, global, IP, traffic, will, reach, two-thirds, of, a, zettabyte, (one, trillion, gigabytes), , video, traffic, will, exceed, 90, percent, of, global, consumer, traffic, , and, the, global, online, video, will, comprise, 60, percent, of, consumer, Internet, traffic, (up, from, 32, percent, in, 2009). As, consumer, demand, for, high-quality, media, on, any, device, grows, daily, , cable, operators, are, considering, new, intelligent, solutions, for, their, medianets, (all-IP, Next-Generation, Networks, optimized, for, rich, media). Cisco, provides, an, end-to-end, , DOCSIS, ®, 3.0-capable, solution, enabling, multiple, services, to, multiple, devices, over, the, same, infrastructure, to, both, residential, and, commercial, subscribers. This, solution, will, allow, service, providers, to, deliver, the, best, possible, quality, of, experience, , while, minimizing, operating, expenses, and, differentiating, next-generation, services, from, those, of, their, competitors. Cisco's, DOCSIS, 3.0, solution, with, the, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, card, delivers, faster, speeds, and, higher, density, with, a, flexible, and, scalable, architecture., The, resulting, benefits, are, faster, time, to, market, , lower, total, cost, of, ownership, (TCO), , and, higher, revenues, , thus, helping, operators, to, prepare, their, networks, for, the, exponential, growth, of, IP, traffic. The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, , Figure, 1, , delivers, support, for, DOCSIS, and, EuroDOCSIS, 3.0, , including, full, upstream, and, downstream, channel, bonding, and, Advanced, Encryption, Standard, (AES), encryption., The, line, card, provides, the, capability, to, have, 160, downstream, and, 160, upstream, interfaces, in, a, single, Cisco, uBR10012, chassis, and, , when, used, with, the, DOCSIS, 3.0-capable, Cisco, 1, Gbps, Wideband, Shared, Port, Adapter, (SPA), , can, scale, to, 304, downstream, channels., [, note-, DOCSIS, is, another, company's, trademark, , and, not, part, of, the, SPA's, product, name], This, leads, the, industry, in, capacity., The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, is, operationally, exceedingly, simple, to, upgrade, from, the, Cisco, 5x20H, BPE, or, Cisco, 5x20U, BPE., Further, , Cisco, offers, pay-as-you-grow, flexibility, with, software, licensing, for, downstream, channels, (0DS, , 5DS, and, 20DS, SW, licenses, are, offered). The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, is, an, integral, part, of, Cisco's, DOCSIS, 3.0-capable, Cable, Modem, Termination, System, (CMTS), product, portfolio. The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, BPE, addresses, the, needs, of, cable, operators, who, expect, to, cost-effectively, deploy, very, high-bandwidth, services, with, DOCSIS, 3.0., The, line, card, has, been, designed, to, offer, an, operationally, simple, upgrade, path, from, the, Cisco, 5x20H, or, Cisco, 5x20U, in, terms, of, both, cabling, and, online, insertion, and, removal, (OIR), compatibility., The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, works, with, the, Cisco, RF, switch, with, no, cabling, changes, required, from, existing, installations, using, the, Cisco, 5x20H., The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, further, enhances, Cisco's, integrated, and, modular, CMTS, offering, because, it, interoperates, with, the, Cisco, 1, Gbps, Wideband, SPA, to, provide, even, more, downstream, capacity, in, the, same, Cisco, uBR10012, chassis, (up, to, 304, Downstream, channels). Although, the, uBR-MC20X20V, BPE, offers, 20, downstream, (Annex, A, or, Annex, B), and, 20, upstream, channels, , the, physical, port, count, remains, exactly, the, same, as, the, Cisco, 5x20H, , with, 5, downstream, ports, and, 20, upstream, ports., Each, downstream, port, is, capable, of, carrying, four, frequency-stacked, downstream, channels., Each, downstream, channel, is, configurable, as, part, of, a, DOCSIS, 3.0, channel, bonding, group, or, DOCSIS, 2.0/1.x, channel, (primary, capable)., The, line, card, also, supports, an, extended, DOCSIS, upstream, frequency, range, of, 5, to, 65, MHz, and, downstream, of, 55, MHz, to, 1, GHz, for, DOCSIS, operations., Each, upstream, channel, can, be, configured, into, a, DOCSIS, 3.0, upstream, channel, bonding, group, while, serving, DOCSIS, 2.0/1.x, cable, modems/devices, at, the, same, time. The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, delivers, cutting-edge, features, and, a, highly, scalable, architecture, to, enable, cable, operators, to, deliver, carrier-class, , IP-based, , high-bandwidth, , high-speed, data, , voice, , and, video, services, to, subscribers. Features, and, Benefits Fully, DOCSIS, 3.0, Capable Fully, DOCSIS, and, Euro-DOCSIS, 3.0, capable, , the, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, supports, downstream, and, upstream, channel, bonding, at, DOCSIS, line, rate, that, enables, cable, operators, to, offer, very, high-speed, data, services, to, residential, and, commercial, subscribers, while, continuing, to, offer, IP, voice, services., The, line, card, supports, bonding, of, four, , eight, , and, even, higher, number, of, channels, , and, other, DOCSIS, 3.0, features, including, IPv6, , multicast, , and, S-CDMA. Superior, Downstream, RF, Performance The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, features, an, upconverter, module, that, is, based, on, industry-leading, Direct, Digital, Synthesizer, (DDS), technology., DDS, technology, offers, superior, RF, performance, in, a, much, smaller, footprint, than, older, analog, designs., The, upconverter, complies, with, DOCSIS, Downstream, RF, Interface, (DRFI), specifications., The, upconverter, also, operates, all, the, way, to, 1, GHz. DOCSIS, 3.0, MAC The, DOCSIS, 3.0, MAC, on, the, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, is, an, internally, developed, Cisco, feature, providing, dedicated, MAC, layer, hardware, for, line-rate, performance, in, large-scale, deployments., The, DOCSIS, 3.0, MAC, hardware, enables, scalability, for, thousands, of, cable, modems, and, CPE, , simultaneously, providing, hardware, acceleration, for, sophisticated, security, features, including, AES, encryption, while, continuing, to, support, older, DOCSIS, 1.x, and, 2.0, encryption, features., Cisco's, DOCSIS, 3.0, MAC, design, allows, for, unprecedented, feature, flexibility, and, robust, defect, correction. Interoperation, with, Cisco's, DOCSIS, 3.0-Capable, Wideband, SPA The, Cisco, uBR-MC20X20V, supports, the, ability, to, build, MAC, domains, with, downstream, channels, being, shared, from, the, DOCSIS, 3.0-ready, Cisco, 1, Gbps, Wideband, SPA., The, Cisco, uBR10012, platform, can, be, configured, to, support, up, to, 304, downstream, channels, in, an, Integrated, or, Modular, deployment.