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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: UBR-MC3GX60V
Availability: 1
Price: $1,495.00
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Cisco UBR-MC3GX60V, IPU3AY9CAC, 800-33189-04, 73-12229-08 Cisco 3GX60V DOCSIS 3.0 Broadband Processing Engine; base hardware
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Tags: UBR-MC3GX60V, Cisco UBR-MC3GX60V, UBRMC3GX60V, Cisco, IPU3AY9CAC, NOB, Cisco, UBR-MC3GX60V, , 32/12, Cisco, 3GX60V, DOCSIS, 3.0, Broadband, Processing, Engine;, base, hardware IPU3AY9CAC 800-33189-04 73-12229-08, Product, Overview The, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, Broadband, Processing, Engine, (BPE), is, a, high-capacity, , DOCSIS, 3.0-capable, line, card, for, the, Cisco, uBR10012, Universal, Broadband, Router., With, 72, DOCSIS, downstream, and, 60, upstream, channels, per, card, (with, Purchase, of, License), , the, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, sets, a, new, benchmark, for, scalable, , faster, , and, cost-effective, DOCSIS, 3.0, Cable, Modem, Termination, System, (CMTS), solutions., With, the, addition, of, the, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, , the, Cisco, uBR10012, platform, scales, to, an, unprecedented, 576, modular, DOCSIS, downstream, channels, and, 480, upstream, channels, , or, approximately, 24, Gbps, of, downstream, throughput, and, 14.4, Gbps, of, upstream, throughput, , in, a, single, , carrier-class, chassis. The, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS, with, the, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, delivers, 10, times, the, capacity, and, 20, times, the, speed, of, DOCSIS, 2.0, solutions, at, only, a, fraction, of, the, cost., Because, it, bonds, 24, DOCSIS, channels, (or, 18, EuroDOCSIS, channels), per, bonding, group, , the, solution, allows, cable, operators, to, deliver, ultra-broadband, services, with, maximum, downstream, speeds, approaching, 1.0, Gbps, per, subscriber., A, fully, loaded, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS, with, the, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, can, deliver, 500, HDTV, channels, , video-on-demand, (VoD), , and, ultra-broadband, services, to, 20, 000, homes. The, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS, and, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, are, part, of, the, Cisco, DOCSIS, 3.0, solution, portfolio., As, the, first, and, only, CMTS, product, that, supports, both, of, the, CableLabs-specified, CMTS, architectures, -, integrated, and, modular, -, in, the, same, chassis, , the, Cisco, uBR10012, provides, a, broad, range, of, configuration, options, so, cable, operators, can, select, the, CMTS, design, that, best, meets, their, specific, requirements., The, addition, of, the, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, to, the, solution, portfolio, adds, unparalled, scalability, while, significantly, reducing, the, per-channel, cost, of, the, CMTS. The, combination, of, the, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, and, Cisco, RF, Gateway, 10, (RFGW-10), platforms, provides, a, new, level, of, capacity, while, maintaining, the, highest, standards, of, reliability, and, availability, through, comprehensive, line, card, and, supervisor, redundancy, on, both, carrier-class, platforms., The, resulting, benefits, are, faster, time, to, market, , dramatically, lower, total, cost, of, ownership, , and, higher, revenues, than, previously, possible, , thus, helping, cable, operators, prepare, their, networks, for, the, exponential, growth, of, IP, video, traffic. The, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS, with, the, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, , when, used, together, with, the, Cisco, RF, Gateway, Series, Universal, Edge, QAM, , provides, the, following, critical, benefits, to, cable, operators- •, Exporting, the, downstream, physical, layer, (PHY), functions, to, the, Cisco, RF, Gateway, Series, provides, dramatic, scalability, improvements, on, the, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS., This, enormous, increase, in, scalability, lowers, the, cost, per, bit, of, the, CMTS, , which, is, crucial, for, cable, operators, planning, to, deliver, IP, video, services. •, Integrating, the, downstream, PHY, functions, for, both, DOCSIS, and, traditional, digital, video, services, into, a, single, Universal, Edge, QAM, product, allows, cable, operators, to, take, advantage, of, continuing, innovation, in, quadrature, amplitude, modulation, (QAM), channel, density, while, protecting, their, investment, in, CMTS, downstream, capacity. •, Converging, the, DOCSIS, and, traditional, digital, video, services, on, a, single, RF, port, per, service, group, enables, cable, operators, to, use, more, QAM, channels, per, physical, port, , thereby, reducing, the, cost, per, channel, for, all, services, as, well, as, reducing, the, rack, space, , power, , cooling, , and, other, environment, requirements, for, delivering, the, full, suite, of, data, , voice, , and, video, services. Transitioning, from, digital, video, to, IP, video, services, in, a, cost-effective, manner, is, made, possible, by, independently, scaling, the, CMTS, downstream, channels, and, repurposing, the, Universal, Edge, QAM, channels. The, standards-based, modular, solution, also, allows, cable, operators, to, use, third-party, Edge, QAM, products, that, comply, with, the, CableLabs, M-CMTS, specifications. Flexibility, with, Cisco, Software, Licensing The, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, BRE, provides, true, cost, flexibility, for, operators, with, licensing, options, that, offer, a, pay-as-you-grow, model., The, software, licensing, capability, combined, with, the, adaptability, of, the, modular, CMTS, architecture, allows, customers, to, turn, up, and, move, ports, and, bandwidth, to, different, service, groups, as, needed, , without, fear, of, stranding, downstream, or, upstream, ports. •, Base, hardware, and, 16, upstream, and, 16, downstream, channel, licenses, constitute, the, minimum, configuration, supported. •, Additional, optional, licenses, are, available, for, purchase, up, to, the, full, capacity, of, 72, DOCSIS, downstream, (or, 54, EuroDOCSIS, downstream), and, 60, upstream, channels. •, Cisco, Software, Licensing, (CSL), infrastructure, provides, an, operationally, simple, licensing, experience. The, ability, to, purchase, and, activate, downstream, and, upstream, channels, as, needed, through, software, licensing, allows, cable, operators, to, closely, match, their, capital, expenditures, to, their, growth, requirements., Cable, operators, can, also, reduce, their, operational, expenses, by, designing, their, DOCSIS, networks, to, accommodate, future, growth, by, simply, installing, upgrade, licenses, to, add, channels, when, needed, , thus, avoiding, complex, and, costly, hardware, upgrades, and, plant, redesigns., These, CapEx, and, OpEx, benefits, for, growing, DOCSIS, networks, makes, the, Cisco, uBR10012, CMTS, with, the, uBR-MC3GX60V, BPE, the, ideal, solution, for, transitioning, to, IP, video. Delivering, Video, over, DOCSIS, (VDOC) To, enable, the, transition, to, an, all-IP, network, , including, managed, and, unmanaged, IP, video, services, , the, Cisco, DOCSIS, 3.0, solution, provides, a, highly, scalable, , highly, available, converged, network, optimized, for, video., Cisco, IOS, ®, Software, offers, a, comprehensive, feature, set, for, efficient, IP, video, delivery, over, the, DOCSIS, network. •, High, quality-, Advanced, quality, of, service, (QoS), features, such, as, dynamic, bandwidth, sharing, and, admission, control, for, bandwidth, reservation, help, ensure, video, quality, and, enable, convergence, with, high-speed, data, services. •, Cost, effectiveness-, IP, multicast, and, RF, spanning, support, scalable, and, cost-effective, delivery, of, linear, TV, services. •, Efficiency-, IP, Statistical, multiplexing, with, variable, bit, rate, (VBR), video, allows, better, utilization, of, CMTS, resources, to, deliver, more, video, streams, in, less, bandwidth, and, spectrum. Features, and, Benefits •, DOCSIS, line-rate, operation, for, all, downstream, channels, (72, at, 256QAM, Annex, B, or, 54, at, 256QAM, Annex, A), and, all, 60, upstream, channels, (up, to, 64QAM, at, 6.4, MHz), in, bonded, and, nonbonded, modes •, From, 4-channel, to, more, than, 32-channel, downstream, bonding, capable;, 4-channel, upstream, bonding, capable •, Six, Small, Form-Factor, Pluggable, (SFP), ports, (three, active, and, three, standby) •, 20, upstream, ports, (identical, to, MC20X20V), , providing, up, to, 12-frequency, stacking, per, port •, Flexibility, in, assigning, upstream, channels, to, upstream, ports;, upstream, frequency, of, up, to, 85, MHz •, Full, DOCSIS, 3.0, CMTS, and, downstream, external, PHY, interface, (DEPI), capability •, Superior, RF, performance, with, enhanced, full-feature, tap, (FFT), , ingress, cancellation, , and, impulse, noise, detection, capability •, Time, Division, Multiple, Access, (TDMA), , Advanced, Time, Division, Multiple, Access, (A-TDMA), , and, Synchronous, Code, Division, Multiple, Access, (S-CDMA), supported •, Simultaneous, operation, of, Cisco, uBR-MC3GX60V, , with, Cisco, 5x20H, , Cisco, 5x20U, , Cisco, MC20X20V, , and, Cisco, DOCSIS, 3.0, Wideband, shared, port, adapter, (SPA), in, the, same, uBR10012, chassis