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Brand: Cisco
Product Code: uBR-MC3GX60V
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Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $4,500.00
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Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V 50D/32U, Cisco 3GX60V DOCSIS 3.0 Broadband Processing Engine. This card is configured for 50 Downstream and 32 Upstream.

This Description Below refences a fully upgraded card.
The Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V Broadband Processing Engine (BPE) is a high-capacity, DOCSIS 3.0-capable line card for the Cisco uBR10012 universal broadband router. With 72 DOCSIS downstream and 60 upstream channels per card, the uBR-MC3GX60V BPE sets a new benchmark for scalable, faster, and cost-effective DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) solutions. With the addition of the uBR-MC3GX60V BPE, the Cisco uBR10012 platform scales to an unprecedented 576 modular DOCSIS downstream channels and 480 upstream channels, or approximately 24 Gbps of downstream throughput and 14.4 Gbps of upstream throughput, in a single, carrierclass chassis.

The Cisco uBR10012 CMTS with the uBR-MC3GX60V BPE delivers 10 times the capacity and 20 times the speed of DOCSIS 2.0 solutions at only a fraction of the cost. Because it bonds 24 DOCSIS channels (or 18 EuroDOCSIS channels) per bonding group, the solution allows cable operators to deliver ultra-broadband services with maximum downstream speeds approaching 1.0 Gbps per subscriber. A fully loaded Cisco uBR10012 CMTS with the Cisco uBR-MC3GX60V BPE can deliver 500 HDTV channels, video-on-demand (VoD), and ultra-broadband services to 20,000 homes.
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