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APEX1000 APEX1000 APEX1000 APEX1000 APEX1000 APEX1000
Brand: Motorola
Product Code: APEX1000
Availability: Out Of Stock
Condition: Seller Refurbished
Price: $4,495.00
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MOTOROLA APEX1000, 570394-001-00, 541928-001-00 These units are in fantastic manufacturer refurb condition. We were able to verify that each has been field upgraded to full 2x8 48V configurations. This equipment ships with good diagnostic report, and 90 day hardware warranty.
MOTOROLA APEX1000 48V AC Broadcast Configuration
PN: 541928-003-00
Physical Chassis
1 RU chassis with support for up to 48 DRFI-compliant QAM channels, up to three removable and hot-swappable QAM modules per chassis (two block upconverted RF ports per QAM module)
QAM Modules
Available in 2x4 configuration (up to four QAM channels per port), 2x8 configuration (up to eight QAM channels per port) and a QAM module software upgrade to field-convert a 2x4 module to a 2x8 module
Power Consumption
Extremely low power consumption
GigE Interface
Four GigE interfaces (SFP slots) with support for IGMPv3 and transport stream redundancy
Power Supplies
Supports up to two, dual hot-swappable, redundant load-sharing power supplies (system can operate with either one or two); supports two AC, two DC or one AC and one DC
Encryption and Conditional Access
Supports full MediaCipher® encryption and conditional access as well as CTE for VOD scrambling in both MediaCipher and SCTE-52 modes (no license fees)
Software upgradeable to CSA and AES encryption; capable of supporting third-party encryption through DVB Simulcrypt
SDV and VOD Standards
Supports the RTSP, RPC and MHA specifications
M-CMTS Standards
Software upgradeable to support the M-CMTS interfaces, including DTI, DEPI and ERMI
Full Video EQAM Feature Set
De-jittering of CBR and VBR input streams
Receive either MPTS or SPTS
Transmit MPTS
Support for MPEG remultiplexing, PID remapping, PSI generation, and PSI monitoring
Software upgradeable to support PSIP fixing and SCTE-18 EAS
Supports SNMP for configuration, control, alarms and traps
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